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Brockenhurst C of E Primary School

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Year R

Early Years at Brockenhurst C of E Primary School

We welcome our Early Years children into school and aim to make the transition from home to school as smooth as possible for both children and parents. The influence of the home as the earliest learning place cannot be underestimated, as each child is unique with different aptitudes and interests. In order for parents to share their views of their child's experiences and strengths we like to arrange a home visit for the class teacher to meet the children in the security of their own home.

We also have a good liaison with local playgroups, which we visit, to meet the children prior to them starting school. Children are also invited to make a visit with their pre-school leaders.

Before they start school, children have learned a great deal with their parents. They use all their senses to learn about the world around them and the people in it. At our school, we continue this pattern of learning by giving children opportunities to explore and investigate their surroundings. By taking part in carefully planned play experiences, we enable them to develop skills and cooperate with others, whilst exploring the outside world.

Click on the link below to view the powerpoint presented at the Induction Meeting

Presentation at Induction Meeting

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  • YR Farewell Badgers

    Published 20/07/18, by Ruth Stack

    And here we are at the end of your child's first year of school. What a great year. Thank you so much from all of us for the generous gifts and thoughtful cards and book. Through the course of the year the children have earned themselves a silver award as Wild Explorers through the RSPB website for all their activities finding out and caring about wildlife. Hopefully their certificates will arrive for when they return in Y1. If they enjoy that kind of thing there are many more activities on the RSPB website Woodland trust website can try at home. If butterflies are your thing then join  in the big butterfly count before 12th Aug

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  • YR Hellos, Goodbyes, and Well Done!

    Published 14/07/18, by Ruth Stack

    You should have found your child's report in their book bag yesterday (Friday). You shouldn't find any reading books though as we are trying to gather all school books in before the end of term so we can audit our stock. If you have any books from school - library books. reading books, ditty books, please bring them back ASAP so that we can get on and see what we've got and what we need to replace. As we didn't need too many outdoor resources before the end of term and you raised so much money for the cake sale I am thinking of using the money that remains to get some new reading books to replace some of the older, less inspiring books that we have. In this way the money you raised will still benefit your children. I went down to our local library today  and the Hampshire libraries' reading challenge has already begun in earnest and they have plenty of early readers as well as all the picture books and information books so please do go if  you want books to read over the summer. The children still need to remember their speed sounds and key words for Year 1 so we don't take these from you. I will also be sending out a pack of games and activities to reinforce the alphabet and number work if you want to make use of them over the summer.


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  • Big School Walk checklist

    Published 11/07/18, by Ruth Stack

    Tomorrow (Thursday 12th), your child will need to wear:

    Red school PE T-shirt, shorts, trainers, socks, sun cream and sun hat - they will be in the sun for most of the day.

    A named backpack that they can carry themselves containing a (named) water bottle, mid morning snack, and a flannel or small towel so they can dry their feet after going in the river.

    They will need to bring their lunch unless you have already ordered one from school.

    YR/ 1/2 will have their lunch taken to the lunch spot for them. KS2 will be expected to carry their own.

    Lunch will be at 12pm. If you are joining us for lunch you should be able to park at the Whitemoor carpark - this is the one in the middle between Beechern Wood carpark and Puttle's Bridge car park. Drive out of Brockenhurst on the Rhinefield Road and after driving with Whitemoor on your right look out for the car park on your right. This is the one with the toilet block. If you have a Gazebo you can bring and share that would be helpful for shade. We are all sitting together for lunch and when you arrive please let your child's teacher know you are there.

    It's a long walk for some but together I think it should be a fun day out. We are being supported by the National Park Authority who are providing some of our activities along the way.

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  • We went to Moors Valley, we had lots of adventures. It was a beautiful day and we weren't scared!

    Published 06/07/18, by Ruth Stack

    A great time was had by all on our trip to Moors Valley yesterday. We managed to get all the way around the play trail and do the tree top trail before lunch - many adventures to be had along the way. Everyone had a go at all the challenges and kept going despite the distance. They were rewarded with our trip on the train after lunch and a play in the playground. A super day and hopefully one they will remember. Thank you to the PTA for funding this visit and many thanks also to our parent/ grandparent helpers who had to lug  our lunches and spare water to their car and back so the children didn't have to and helped with the trickier bits of the climbing equipment. We appreciate the support.

    Mrs Groves took a few photos which we hope to put up for you to see if you would like to come in on Friday 13th for our YR open afternoon. This is an informal opportunity for you to look through your child's books with them, chat with us if you would like to, and let them show you their classroom (and, if I check with Y1, possibly a peek at their new classroom too). Come in any time from 2 - 3pm. Reports will also be in book bags that afternoon so please look out for them when your child comes home.

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  • Being caring, being healthy, being hot and having fun

    Published 01/07/18, by Ruth Stack

    Congratulations to Badger Class who raised the most money for the NSPCC. The lady came in to Assembly on Wednesday giving the children a photo opportunity with their mascot Buddy. Thank you to all those of you who gave sponsorship money.

    We would also like to thank all those of you who have helped support us in Badger Class this year, with book changes, library changes, key words, hearing readers, taking Yoga, representing you on the PTA, mending resources, coming in to support with special events and trips. It makes all the difference in a school and we do appreciate all your help. Thank you

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  • YR Wheely wonders

    Published 22/06/18, by Ruth Stack

    Thank you to all those who came in and helped this morning it was great to see some Grandparents as well as parents and the children appreciated your support. They made some great vehicles which they wowed us with this afternoon, showing us their special features and racing them to see which went furthest and fastest. Lots of children have been wanting to do Show and Tell lately which is great for encouraging their confidence speaking to the class but we have said it needs to follow our transport theme.

    I thought it only fair to inform you of a few more upcoming dates when your help and involvement would be appreciated.

    Next Thursday, 28th June, we are hoping that the children will be planning and preparing their own salad to include the potatoes they have been growing. If you are able to help between 1pm and 2:30pm then please let me know via the school office.

    On Friday 6th July it is our school's sports day. The children should have brought home a slip today informing you of which house they are in and what colour T- shirt they wil need to wear on the day. You are welcome to join us for some or all of the event. More details will be sent out to you next week as to timings etc.

    On Thursday 12th July we will be going on a Forest walk and picnic and will need extra adults to accompany us. Please let me know if you can. (If any of our parent volunteers for Moors Valley would prefer to swap to this date please let me know when I speak to you next week).

    On Friday 13th July in the afternoon I will be having an open afternoon (1.15 - 3pm) when you are welcome to come in at any time and look through the children's work with them and share with them some of the things they have enjoyed doing in Year R this year.

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  • YR creative morning Friday 22nd June

    Published 17/06/18, by Ruth Stack

    As Mr. Littlewood has already invited fathers to come and join us next Friday morning for the first hour I would like to extend this invitation to any parents or grandparents who would like to come and join us and help us with some crafty activities this Friday morning. If you are interested in joining us please let the office know in advance and on Friday morning come and sign in at the office after dropping off your child. At 10am we can say Thank you and goodbye as we continue with our day.

    I hope you found the Moors Valley trip letters in your child's book bag this weekend. Please return as soon as possible and remember to return your NSPCC sponsor forms too. Thank you.

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  • We went on a Cake Hunt . . .

    Published 14/06/18, by Ruth Stack

    This half term our theme is journeys and we kicked off last week with the old favourite "We're going on a Bear Hunt". This week I asked the children for their ideas of a hunt we could go on together and their ideas were interesting and varied but the idea that got the most votes was a Cake hunt. In groups they came up with exciting scenarios for us to go through on our way and you can read the attached powerpoint to see the story of our very own Cake Hunt.

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  • YR Badgers - New drop off arrangements

    Published 08/06/18, by Emma Lever
    With the end of Year R in sight, the last part of the summer term for Badgers is partly focused on the transition to KS1.  With this in mind, the children will be spending some short, fun sessions in the Year 1 classroom over the next few weeks
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  • YR sunflower seeds

    Published 24/05/18, by Ruth Stack

    All the children who were here this morning helped to write a seed packet for a sunflower which they should have brought home. Hopefully inside you will find a couple of actual sunflower seeds. If you follow their instructions on the seed packet then you should get some great sunflowers blooming in the summer. I told the children to wait until they get back from any holidays before they plant them. Then they will be home to water their seeds and take good care of them.

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  • YR Fantastic farm trip

    Published 23/05/18, by Ruth Stack

    The children had a great day at the farm yesterday. Between the 3 of us I think we managed to take over 300 photos so will need to sift through before loading up on to here! Thank you to the parents who helped yesterday and the staff who helped by driving minibuses for us.

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  • YR parents - Thank you!

    Published 18/05/18, by Ruth Stack

    Thank you to all of you who contributed towards our cake sale either by bringing in or buying cakes. We have raised over £200 towards our outdoor learning activities. Amazing! Special thanks to Kerrie Kay, Lucy Ladd and Nicky Crockett for all their time and effort in organising and running the event both yesterday and today.

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