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Brockenhurst C of E Primary School

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Year R

Early Years at Brockenhurst C of E Primary School

We welcome our Early Years children into school and aim to make the transition from home to school as smooth as possible for both children and parents. The influence of the home as the earliest learning place cannot be underestimated, as each child is unique with different aptitudes and interests. In order for parents to share their views of their child's experiences and strengths we like to arrange a home visit for the class teacher to meet the children in the security of their own home.

We also have a good liaison with local playgroups, which we visit, to meet the children prior to them starting school. Children are also invited to make a visit with their pre-school leaders.

Before they start school, children have learned a great deal with their parents. They use all their senses to learn about the world around them and the people in it. At our school, we continue this pattern of learning by giving children opportunities to explore and investigate their surroundings. By taking part in carefully planned play experiences, we enable them to develop skills and cooperate with others, whilst exploring the outside world.

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  • YR sunflower seeds

    Published 24/05/18, by Ruth Stack

    All the children who were here this morning helped to write a seed packet for a sunflower which they should have brought home. Hopefully inside you will find a couple of actual sunflower seeds. If you follow their instructions on the seed packet then you should get some great sunflowers blooming in the summer. I told the children to wait until they get back from any holidays before they plant them. Then they will be home to water their seeds and take good care of them.

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  • YR Fantastic farm trip

    Published 23/05/18, by Ruth Stack

    The children had a great day at the farm yesterday. Between the 3 of us I think we managed to take over 300 photos so will need to sift through before loading up on to here! Thank you to the parents who helped yesterday and the staff who helped by driving minibuses for us.

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  • YR parents - Thank you!

    Published 18/05/18, by Ruth Stack

    Thank you to all of you who contributed towards our cake sale either by bringing in or buying cakes. We have raised over £200 towards our outdoor learning activities. Amazing! Special thanks to Kerrie Kay, Lucy Ladd and Nicky Crockett for all their time and effort in organising and running the event both yesterday and today.

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  • Fairy Gardens - have you any bits we could use?

    Published 11/05/18, by Ruth Stack

    I am hoping to make fairy gardens with YR next Thursday (or following week), either for Robin and Holly our resident fairies or for the children to take home with them. To enable us to do this could you please send in any donations of:

    plastic trays (eg from fruit/veg packs)




    fir cones

    nice stones

    fake flowers

    unwanted fairy size ornaments

    anything else you think of!

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  • YR Cake Sale Thursday 17th May

    Published 11/05/18, by Ruth Stack

    Next Thursday YR parents are hosting a Bake Sale to raise money for upcoming YR topics and resources such as gardening supplies. Please help by bringing in contributions (no nuts thank you), next Thursday that can be sold to raise money. You should have received a poster today in your child's book bag. The more cakes (buns, cookies etc) that you bring in and the more customers you encourage to come, hopefully the more money we can raise. Our contribution will be some chocolate crispy buns which we will make in class. What could you bring?!

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  • YR Hotel for Happy Bugs

    Published 11/05/18, by Ruth Stack

    YR built an impressive looking bug hotel on the school field today.  Thank you for all the bits you brought in. Sorry that not everyone was here to help us - we have a few children in the school who have come down with chicken pox over the last couple of days. We will be going out again soon to see if any creatures have moved in yet and will be able to add more bits then.



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  • YR Making friends with frogs

    Published 04/05/18, by Ruth Stack

    We had lots of fun discovering the school pond yesterday afternoon. The children made friends with the resident frogs. Here's one saying popping up to say hello! A couple of groups also saw a newt and there were plenty of tadpoles swimming about. Some saw (some very small) dragonflies, Kimi is pretty certain he saw red worm and there was a lovely little pond snail. I look forward to going back again soon to see what we will find next.

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  • YR -New news for a new term

    Published 26/04/18, by Ruth Stack

    Lots of excitement in Badger Class this morning thanks to the giant green bird outside! We had a whole school assembly to learn more about the Park and Stride initiative and why it's good for as many people as possible to walk (or scoot or ride) to school instead or driving up to the school. The benefits cited were exercise, fresh air, a boost to concentration once they get to school thanks to the extra oxygen flowing around their bodies, and also fun and conversation with friends and family along the way. They were proud that the school received a bronze award for all we have done already as a school.

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  • YR Happy Easter

    Published 30/03/18, by Ruth Stack

    Well done Badgers  - another term completed. Nothing like a science trip, a disco, a spring chicken song and dance to perform, and a few Easter egg hunts to really wear them out before the holidays! I've heard they had a fantastic trip and they were all keen to tell me their favourite bits. Mrs Lever was really impressed with their behaviour and we look forward to taking them to more places in the summer term. Each child was given an Easter book from us as a thank you for all their hard work. One child did manage to leave their Peter Rabbit book behind but if they let us know after the holidays we have saved it for them.

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  • YR disco on Thursday 29th

    Published 28/03/18, by Ruth Stack

    The children will have their marble jar treat of a disco tomorrow afternoon. They need to come to school in their usual school uniform but can bring "disco" clothes to change into in the afternoon. They will still get to do the PTA Easter egg hunt as well.

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  • YR - Super Sports

    Published 23/03/18, by Ruth Stack

    The Badgers did themselves proud today. They did a great job of keeping up with the Sports Relief Danceathon - "This is me!" as many of you saw this afternoon. This morning I said  I would sponsor them 10p for every lap they ran around the playroup and between them they managed to run 140 laps. Great effort and another £14 towards Sports Relief. They also enjoyed a yoga style version of the Bear Hunt thanks to Lola's Mum which some found very relaxing, nearly falling asleep at the end! To complete their achievements they managed to fill their marble jar today as well and eagerly await a disco treat of some sort next week. More details to follow once day confirmed.

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  • YR only Sports relief info

    Published 22/03/18, by Ruth Stack

    Tomorrow is Sports relief as you know, and although most of the school will be wearing usual school uniform I have asked Mr Littlewood for the Year Rs to come dressed in their PE clothes and wear them all day. This is because I hope for us to do a fun run, Mrs Hudson will be coming in to do yoga once more and then they have the whole school dance at the end of the day. So your child should bring their PE bag home today and they need to come in on Friday wearing red school PE tshirt (or Sports relief official tshirt), school cardigan, sweatshirt or school sports hoodie, tracksuit bottoms and trainers. We will still need books etc in  bookbags tomorrow for changing but we don't need PE bags in again til after Easter. Thank you

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