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Brockenhurst C of E Primary School

We Enjoy and Excel in the Presence of God

Reception Commentary Monday 3rd October

Thanks for fantastic support for write Dance lesson first thing.

Phonics First Thing

Thanks to all who were able to join us for our 'write dance' session in the hall this morning - a great way to start off the week, and just one of the many ways we are endeavouring to help our children enjoy ther writing, and develop writing confidence. I hope you all had as much fun as we did! If I recall there was a volcano, which erupted, and the eruption was followed by a heavy rainstorm. The combination of fire and water is inevitably going to create a mist around the volcano, but when it clears I wonder what will emerge . . .

Adventure to Wilverley

Thanks very much for offers of help with Thursday's adventure. I have spaces for 17 children already and am looking for another 5 if possible! Do email if you are able to help us out. Once again I will update when the arrangements are confirmed.

Harvest week rotations (the children will complete all six during the course of this week)

  1. Wheat and corn field printed backdrops are coming on well.
  2. We are using shapes to create combine harvesters to harvest our wheat.
  3. We are having a go at telling stories using our story bags. Today we had a lot of fun with 'Ten in the Bed'.
  4. In the final activity connected with our wells from last week's'Jack and Jill' nursery rhyme, the children are constructing sentences to say what they would want if they could wish for anything . . . They have then traced the sentence and had a go at copying underneath.
  5. We have separated the pictures from the written words for the Oxford Reading tree characters, and the children have enjoyed trying to match these up, with the chance to self check their results.
  6. We have used our new writing display wall to understand how we use letters to record sounds, and join sounds to create words. We have used the concrete apparatus of magnetic letters and thought about how to use our picture cards. We have learned a conversation that may take place between a teacher and learner when faced with a new word. Ask the children if they can recall it! 

This week's phonic sounds

Our letter sounds for this week, which some children will aspire to be able to recognise, recall from memory, pick out from words they hear and blend to form new words are c,k,u and b. These skills will be taught daily at school over the next term (and well into the next!) and your support at home will be much appreciated. Keep talking to the children and asking them questions related to my blogs. Keep persevering with the basics, which are the key to understanding.

New Playground Game

Our focussed work this morning was interspersed with running around in the sunshine trying to get to grips with our new playground game call 'The Golden River'. We were very good at the questions and responses, but need to work on our concept of a 'playing area'. Ask the children about the golden boat.

and don't forget . . .

You are very welcome to join us from 2.30 tomorrow to try some of the harvest soup and bread that we are making in the morning. We look forward to seeing as many of you there as are able to join us.