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Brockenhurst C of E Primary School

We Enjoy and Excel in the Presence of God

Reception Commentary Tuesday 4th October

For many parents, the school day started with Krongeli animals, and ended with Harvest bread and soup...

Between these two events the children all participated in the preparation of harvest vegetable soup and bread. General discussion soon centred on the question of where chips came from. Having established that they didn't start off at the chip shop, Stanley observed that the inside of a chip was a little bit like mashed potato. The connection was then made with potatoes, and discussion moved on to the different ways potatoes could be prepared. Having considered jacket, mashed, and roast potatoes, chips still came out as our favourite! We found an excellent book in the library called 'Oliver's Vegetables' and explored together what lay hidden underneath the various leaves in a vegetable garden. We enjoyed the smell of our vegetable soup and our newly baked bread, and were interested to see the changes in texture and colour brought about by heating or baking. The children were very keen to share their food with mums, dads and grandparents ahead of the end of the school day. The soup went down so well that parents were eager to find out the recipe and children had to wrack their brains to remember the 6 ingredients they had prepared. 

So to the Krongeli animals! Carefully feeling our way through the mist that surrounded the volcano this morning and following the winding paths, the children saw, and created their own lumpy bumpy animals. The biggest of these is going to be very useful in helping us build a new village up in the mountains. . . We look forward to depicting this story around the walls of the Reception classroom on our own journey to developing a flowing cursive style of handwriting. Your help and enthusiasm was again much appreciated this morning, and I will personally ensure that the doors to the Reception Classroom are unlocked for tomorrow's next thrilling instalment. 

Phonics We looked at the letter sound 'k' today, and discussed the shape of the letter we use to record this sound. We have decided that, at Brockenhurst, the kangaroo is going to have a curly tail! (see below) Alongside letter recognition, we are encouraging the children to talk themselves through letter formation, handwriting in the air. I have uploaded a list of the handwriting ditties as published by Ruth Miskin along with the cursive letter formation we use at Brockenhurst. Please print a copy and keep for reference so you are familiar with what the childen are being taught and can support them. Please be aware, however, that as we combine the two we always start on the line with an upstroke. We say 'and . . .'  before each handwriting ditty. (This is because Ruth Miskin is using a print script and we teach cursive from the outset.) NB this is for your reference so you are informed about what we are teaching the children - they are not expected to know it all already! Thank you. 

Books As you will have become aware over the past couple of weeks, we are very keen that the children's Reception year should be filled with refining and developing new skills, exploring the locality, developing a  healthy body alongside an active brain, together with building a solid foundation in phonics and numeracy. As there are only so many hours in the school day, we would really welcome help from parents with:

  1. Checking key words
  2. Sharing and changing Oxford reading Tree books
  3. Keeping up with weekly library book changes. (As with many things in school, if the children can understand the system properly in Reception, they have the chance to be independent  from year 1 upwards). 

Ideally we would like the children to be able to get key words checked and new ones issued as and when they are ready for them. If you are able to give up time on a regular basis, now the children have settled, could you please let me know and I will put together a rota. Many thanks.

Adventure on Thursday. Please see the arrangements for Thursday's Adventure attached as a document to this commentary