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Brockenhurst C of E Primary School

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Reception Commentary, Tuesday 11th October

Great progress with cursive handwriting

Phonics First Thing

Many thanks to all for your efforts this morning with our writing. The progress has been extremely quick and it is really useful if you can asist your child now, so they continue to achieve success. The pencil grip is coming on well. Do our little scenario with the bird and the worm from this morning every time your child picks up a pencil until it is second nature. To recap - the message from this morning is that there is a group of letters (c,a,o,d,g,q and s) that all start with a curved lead-in stroke, a little bit like the marks we made for our sleepy cat in write-dance this week. We are practicing these first, so try to keep letters curved, and avoid going up to a point. We will cover letters that do this next, when we're confident with the first set.

Blending sounds to make words.

In our class phonics we are practicing blending letters to make words using spelling fingers. The children are learning to be teachers and learners, and are learning the teacher's script off by heart to teach their partner:

 "Hello (name) I am going to teach you a new word."

"Thank you (name) what's it going to be?"

"Oh you're welcome. It's going to be dog, you'll need three fingers. . . Hold them up so I can see them.. . . Now turn them round so you can see your finger prints. . . . Right it's my turn, then your turn" (say sounds pointing to each finger, then return to the start of the word and underline, saying the whole word. It is  important to guide  the children to start on the left had finger and work across to the right as they would do when reading or writing in a book)

The 'learner' then repeats exactly what they have heard. It is important now for the 'teacher' to be listening to the answer and either giving positive praise or advice on incorrect sounds.

This week's rotations.

We are thinking about time and have talked about the busy big hand and lazy little hand, manipulating our own clocks to advance the hands an hour at a time. Children will grasp the concept of time and telling the time at different stages, so don't worry, but something else you may want tto refer to at home.

Please remember

Could you please ensure library books, trainers (plimsoles no good really), and word tins are in school, or bookbags each day. I hope all have a good evening.