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Brockenhurst C of E Primary School

We Enjoy and Excel in the Presence of God

Reception Commentary Friday 14th October

Fit for Learning, fit for life.

A great day was had by all yesterday, with excitement inside and out, pretty much non-stop from 8.30 - 4.15 (and for some sailors even longer!)


We used digit cards in our number work first thing, in our bid to help children inderstand the abstract concepts which will stand them in such good stead for their maths in the years ahead. This week we have used numicon, 100 squares and digit fans to nderstand and interrogate the numbers generated by ordering lunch!

Physical Development

The children are getting on really well with thier organisation, and independence in changing for PE. We talked about our hearts and the effects tha exercise would have on them as a scientific focus. In our PE we ran freely, we worked together on developing technique, we watched our friends and analysed their efforts, giving positive feedback and constructive criticism.

Personal, social and emotional Development

As members of a team we organised ourselves into friendship groups, identified our job in the team, and joined in with year 6 children to carry out our task . . . we need further work on this !

Understanding the World

In the afternoon, we re-capped on our observations from Outside Adventures, and collected autumnal seeds and leaves to re-create the grandfather clock from thi week's nursery rhyme 'Hickory, Dickory, Dock'

Thank You

Many thanks for the offers of help I have received this week, and help an surrport ith phonics. This has enabled us to ensure library book (kept in bookbags as requested) have been canged, key words checked,and Oxford Reading Tree books read and replaced for everyone.