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Year R

Friday Blog - Friday 19th March

Happy Red Nose Day!

Badger Class were all so excited to be dressed up today and they all looked fantastic! Thank you for all the donations that were sent in.

We have had a much more settled week and the children have all been back in the swing of things. We had PE on Monday which some of the children found difficult as they needed to get themselves changed independently.  Please support your child by making them get themselves dressed and undressed at home. Mrs Groves and I are on hand to help with tricky buttons or zips, but the rest is down to the children, including turning their clothes back the right way! I know little children can take an age to do this independently, but they will get faster if they do it every day.

As we have settled back into our classroom routines this week we have been able to hear the children read every day which is fantastic for their reading development. We change their reading book twice a week and hear them read the new books on those days. On the other three days the children are in groups to read their ditty books, starting on Monday when they are given a new one for the week.  Please make sure the reading wallets are in their book bags every day. To best support your child's reading, please try and get into a routine of reading with your child every day at home. Reading at home can have a hugely positive impact on their reading development. We are also checking keywords as frequently as we can, so keep practising these at home, too.

I know that most of you have already signed up for a slot to see me for parents' evening during the last week of term. I am looking forward to seeing you all then. If you haven't yet booked there are still spaces available.  Please don't hesitate to get in touch before then if you have a question or concern.

It has been lovely that we have been able to be outside so much enjoying some early spring sunshine. Let's hope we see some over the weekend,