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Brockenhurst C of E Primary School

We Enjoy and Excel in the Presence of God

Advent is here, Christmas is getting closer!

Thank you to the parents who came in to help us yesterday. Our classroom certainly looked more festive today and I have to say all your children seemed very skilled at decorating Christmas trees!

We went to St.Saviour's church today for a Little Flames service and found out more about the true meaning of Christmas - a time of love for all. As well as telling me what they would like for Christmas this afternoon they chose presents from catalogues that they thought the rest of their family might like for Christmas - some interesting suggestions!

Our focus sounds this week have been e, u, and r and we have been encouraging the children to listen carefully to the different sounds that make up simple words - the beginning, the middle and the end. Today we looked at words ending with ck.

Lots of the children were keen to bring home one of the school's story sacks (large green draw string bags). I found these when sorting out the classroom and although they were made a long time ago having looked inside and seen the effort that families and individuals had gone to to create these it seemed a waste to simply lose them. So please give them a try. I agree the bags are a bit cumbersome but a lot can be folded up to fit in book bags. They all contain both a story book and a related information book that you can read with your child and then one or two activities relating to the story. They should all have a list inside them of the contents of the bag so please check you have put everything back in before returning to school. If anything does need replacing please let us know when you return it. Many apologies to whomever has the Train ride sack which has a very impressive story mat but possibly not the story book as somebody took it out in class and I hadn't found it again yet. As many of the conents are handmade some may not be suitable for younger brothers and sisters to play with. You can return them whenever you wish (we suggest up to a week for each one) and decide if you want your child to bring home another. There is not quite enough for one each so they may have to take it in turns.

I have been hearing about some exciting sounding Advent calendars  - a great opportunity for reinforcing number recognition and number problems - how many more days to go etc. The children have helped make a class one and they will all have the opportunity to open a door.

We have a Christmas postbox in our class for children to put in the cards they have written. I will attach a list of names to help you with any names you are not quite sure of.

We have asked that the children's star costumes are brought in by next Wednesday (6th) in a named carrier bag. If anyone is struggling then please see us before as we have some in our dress up that could be modifed for your child.