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Brockenhurst C of E Primary School

We Enjoy and Excel in the Presence of God

Nearly the Nativity

Well done to the children on being so fantastic during our rehearsals this week. Great behaviour and enthusiasm with both dancing and singing. And thank you to all of you for getting their costumes organised and sent in.

Miss Blick has kindly posted the Nativity arrangements on the previous post. As the blog says you can bring your children to church from 5:30 but we recommend you leave it til nearer 10 to 6 because otherwise they are just waiting around for longer. We ask that you bring them up to us when you arrive so we know who is there and at the end we will keep them with us until you come to collect them from us in person. If you are not attending the Wednesday performance please be ready to pick them up at 6:40pm. Parking will be busy around St.Saviour's church and it will be dark so please take care - wear those hi-vis jackets!

One of the parents was asking about the songs - I can't put them on here for copyright reasons but if you go to the publisher's website you can hear clips of the songs on there:

Thanks to the parents who have helped out with getting to and from the church for rehearsals. If anyone is available to help walk down with us on Monday morning or afternoon or Tuesday afternoon then let Mrs Lever know in the morning.

On Thursday afternoon we hope the weather will allow us to do Forest School as usual. I hope to make some decorations using fircones and twigs. If you are out and about and can find any fircones or twigs then please collect a few to bring in. I am aware that Rhinefield house is watching a DVD that afternoon to celebrate getting the most house points this term and those who are in Rhinefield have been invited to attend. I will give those children the choice of whether they go in for the film or do Forest school with us on the day. The house point systen doesn't really have so much relevance with us yet in Year R. When they all work well together such as in our rehearsals the whole class gets marbles for our marble jar (which is very nearly full!!) and individual children get stickers for extra special efforts with behaviour, kindness towards others or hard work. They have only received two housepoints each during their time at school so far this year and I think they were from  Mr Littlewood for the Harvest Assembly!

Lastly (I think) if you have any old tinsel or baubles you no longer want the children like the idea of decorating their outdoor area so you can pass these on. Thank you.