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Brockenhurst C of E Primary School

We Enjoy and Excel in the Presence of God

YR successful shop

Thank you to everyone who came to help on our trip to the shops this morning. Thank you as well for the contributions towards buying the buns which the children enjoyed sharing for their snack time this morning. They investigated the local shops to see what could be bought there and all got the opportunity to go into the Bakehouse and choose and buy a bun with their group. The children remembered their manners and were well behaved and thoughtful - and are now pros at buying buns!


Mrs Hudson (Lola's Mum) is kindly coming in to do another yoga session with the children tomorrow morning. Please return reading books for changing tomorrow. Also we will be doing a library book change and key words all being well.

This week as well as reinforcing the sounds and key words that we already know and continuing to practise letter formation the children have been introduced to some of the set 2 long vowel sounds. These include "ay - may I play", "ee - what can you see?" and "oo, poo at the zoo".  This afternoon in Forest school the children investigated to see what they could see on and around our school field. We were trying to spot different birds for the RSPB big school's birdwatch. They used their binoculars to help - if you have real ones at home perhaps you could show them how to use them. See which birds you can spot around your home. The children are getting better at identifying and naming common birds such as Robins, blackbirds, pigeons, blue tits and magpies. We have seen wagtails in our school playground as well. We used magnifying glasses as well to look at things in more detail.

Our Maths activities have included shape activities, comparing weights with balance scales, shopping and playing games involving subtraction - taking away. Asking questions such as "how many did we start with?", "How many are left now?". The children have enjoyed playing skittles and really liked the story of "The Shopping Basket".