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Brockenhurst C of E Primary School

We Enjoy and Excel in the Presence of God

YR -New news for a new term

Lots of excitement in Badger Class this morning thanks to the giant green bird outside! We had a whole school assembly to learn more about the Park and Stride initiative and why it's good for as many people as possible to walk (or scoot or ride) to school instead or driving up to the school. The benefits cited were exercise, fresh air, a boost to concentration once they get to school thanks to the extra oxygen flowing around their bodies, and also fun and conversation with friends and family along the way. They were proud that the school received a bronze award for all we have done already as a school.

The children were then introduced to a new intitative designed to encourage children to walk to school all year round. The children will be rewarded with a special badge each month if they walk to school at least once a week. There will also be a trophy for the class which has the most children walking (scooting or cycling) each month. To work this out apparently the children will be able to record on a programme on the computer each day how they came to school by clicking on the relevant icon. Very exciting! Of course this will depend on what you as adults decide to do ech day but apparently if you do need to drive you have the option of parking at the vIllage hall or in the Brookley Road car park and then walking the remainder to school. This will ease traffic congestion around the school and promote healthy habits for your child.

Last week I was asking that you all bring in sun hats everyday - this still applies, but could you also send a raincoat of some kind in every day as well. A lot of children were caught out today with the changeable weather. We do like them to get outside as much as possible.

Tomorrow please look out for some letters coming home in your child's bookbag. In particular a letter about a forthcoming trip to Beaulieu Countryside Education Trust. If these could be read and replied to by the end of next week that would be great. We apreciate it's short notice but we hope to visit their farm site on Tuesday 22nd May for an exciting and informative day out.

In class the children have made friends with a Giant that lives at the top of a beanstalk and are quickly becoming penpals with him. The beans that they planted themselves are growing well as you may have seen and this week they have planted many other things out in the Year R garden.

Last week we went on a bug hunt around the school grounds and we have been finding out more about various minibeasts this week. We are hoping to make some kind of bug hotel to go on our school field. You might be able to help with this by collecting up sticks, fir cones, cardboard, 2 litre drink bottles, and if you have any old bricks, tiles, garden canes, roof felting , these could all come in handy too. We hope to make our bug homes next Thursday so bring in things before then.

Now that it is the summer term, the children now have the option of choosing a picnic bag for their lunch which some of the children chose for the first time today. If for any reason you do not wish your child to have this option for lunch please let one of us know and your child will simply be given the red and green choices that they are used to.

Another big change this term is that the YR children play out on the main playground with the rest of the school. During morning playtime one of us is out on the main playground with them and the other in the YR playground so they can choose where they wish to play. At lunchtime they all stay on the main playground but still have a Midday supervisor assigned to look out for them specifically. It gives the children the benefits of mixing with other children in the school and helps to prepare them for Y1. It is good to see well they have coped with this change and the new friendships that they are forming.

To help us with collecting evidence about your child's progress it would be really helpful if you could share with us via Tapestry the kinds of sports and clubs that your child does out of school. If you are not sure how to do this please do ask us. We really would like to build a more complete picture of your child.