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Brockenhurst C of E Primary School

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YR Fantastic farm trip

The children had a great day at the farm yesterday. Between the 3 of us I think we managed to take over 300 photos so will need to sift through before loading up on to here! Thank you to the parents who helped yesterday and the staff who helped by driving minibuses for us.

In the meantime the children have written their own contributions for our class blog to give you an idea of the kinds of things they got up to:

Sophia B “I got to hold the bunny. It was soft”.

George “the goats were funny. I fed the goats with branches from the tree”.

Alfie “I saw a horse and a pony. I love them”

Piran “we stroked a bunny. She was soft”.

Tegan “I stroked the bunny. It was soft. I collected the eggs”.

Lilly Close “My favourite bit was the playground. I played spiderpode. It was fun!”

Tyler “I stroked the bunny. It can hop.”

Isabella –  “we saw a rabbit. It was soft”.

Kimi “I stroked the rabbit. I was soft. Our group collected 17 eggs. They were hens eggs”.

Logan “We fed the goats with leaves. They were funny!

Lily E –“We went to the farm. I liked the guinea pigs. They lived in a hutch”.

Eva – “The turkey was beautiful. He is making a funny noise”.

Ned “we went to the farm. There were lambs, bunnies, guinea pig, butterfly, 3 goats. I got to hold the bunny. Cute!”

Aubree – “I got to stroke a bunny and I got to see a sheep”.

Lola  - “ I liked the tortoises because  they had hard shells. WE put them out in the sun”.

Theodore “I stroked the rabbit. It was soft”.

Sophia K “WE saw the sheep. They had baby lambs. They were cute.”

Harry “I fed the pig. He was stinky.”

Olivia “We fed a chicken and we fed a pig. The best was the bunnies because I liked it feeding them dandelions”.

Sebastian – We stroked a bunny. It was soft”.

Rowan “I went to the farm. I liked the rabbits. The rabbit was 2 months old. Lola and I decided to call it chocolate”.

Honor “We saw baby calves. They lick you and it tickles”.

Ellie – I liked the rabbits. We fed the pigs and the goats”.

Eli Tidman “There were 2 tortoises. 1 was bullying the other 1. The lady put water on them.”

Freddie – “I liked the rabbit at the farm. It was furry and black.”

Wilfie “ I fed the pig. It was good.  I liked it”