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Brockenhurst C of E Primary School

We Enjoy and Excel in the Presence of God

Reception Commentary Wednesday pm for Thursday 21st September.

A Great Day was had by all.

Thank you very much for your support in saying good-bye to the children at the gate this morning. All the children were very happy and settled immediately, busying themselves with organising their belongings, before settling to an activity. Having to take responsibility for their own organisation got the chidren thinking for themselves about what they needed to do. Eighteen bookbags were in the correct boxes at 9.00am and 19 children had remembered to put their snack in the fruit basket - progress indeed.

Our table top activities this morning incorporated the numicon apparatus, and the children did well today to follow instructions with this. The apparatus uses colour and shape to aid their knowledge and comprehension of numbers and the number system.

During the course of the morning we undertook activities to develop both our gross and fine motor skills. On the one hand we played 'Trucks and Trailers' to practice stick grip and ball control in hockey, and at the other extreme we related our pencil grip to a bird flying down and catching a worm! Both activities are coming on nicely.

All the children have now completed all the activities in our first rotation and should be very proud, and this afternoon the children enjoyed their golden time outside in the Reception playground.

Sadly due to data protection I am unable to compile the contact list I had hoped to do and of which I spoke at the home visits. Such a list has in the past been very useful and I do think it would be worth your while putting one together. I apologise to those of you who had been waiting for this and I hope you are able to sort something out soon. Perhaps a job for the class PTA rep ? If you wish to contact me then please don't hesitate to use my emil  

Could you please say good-bye to children at the gate again tomorrow? We will be doing PE (please ensure PE kits are back in school) and getting outside in the afternoon to explore the school grounds.There will be multi-sports after school, but do consider carefully whether you want to extend your child's school day by an extra hour at this stage in their first term! If you can make sure your child knows whether or not they are staying that will help us, as we will keep them changed for the end of the day.

Many thanks and I hope all have a peaceful evening and day ahead.