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Brockenhurst C of E Primary School

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Reception Commentary Monday 26th September

Reading and Stories

It is always good to hear positive reports from supply teachers when I have been out for the day.  Today your child will have brought home a book from the Oxford Reading Treee scheme.

We are drawing upon a wide range of skills on our journey to become fluent readers. One of the things we have enjoyed doing in class is sharing books from our collection of story sacks. The books have repetitive text or familiar stories, along with props and characters from the story to create story mats. This allows the children to be able to  role-play read the stories to their friends.

On a similar vein, some of the children have picture books at the very start of the Oxford Reading Tree scheme. The idea of these early picture books is for the children to work out the stories from the pictures and tell them using the conventional book language they will have picked up from having been read to. 

The next stage of books will have pictures of the characters along with their names written alongside the pictures in the text. Over the next few weeks we want the children to recognise the characters from their pictures and recognise their names written down, so if you could re-inforce this through sharing the books at home that would help build reading confidence.

The Oxford reading tree builds on sight vocabulary, so will bring another important skill to the children's reading in the weeks ahead.

I understand the morning was rather wet in Brock, but that come the afternoon the children were able to get outside. I am looking forward to catching up with the children again tomorrow, and will circulate details of Thursday's adventure at some point during the day. Don't forget to put children's library books in bags for tomorrow. (Library books at this point are to share with your child).

Happy reading.