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Year 1 Reading book update 18.9.19

Reading Information

Reading books and key words should now be in most book bags, with the few yet to go out coming home this evening.

Just to recap on what was explained during the 'meet the teacher' session last term...

Most children will come home with one book as a reading book. These are mostly following on from where they were last term, however due to the long summer holiday, some have gone down (or up!) a few boxes. If this is the case, please do not worry. We are just trying to develop more flow, confidence and accuracy. We are sure that over the next week or so, they should catch up to where they were without any problems.

Some children have come home this week with 2 books. The higher box number is the child's reading book and the lower box number is to help them develop their comprehension. This involves not only answering questions about what they have read, but also being able to talk about the book using their own words. We are working on this in class but any extra work at home would be greatly appreciated.

When the children come into school in the morning, there will be a blue box for them to put the books into that require changing. Please make sure that they are inside the child's reading record so that we know who the books have been allocated to. Could you also please make sure that you sign your child's reading record to say that you have read with them, asking them lots of questions about what they have read.

The quicker that we can get the children to be strong, confident readers, the easier everything else will become. Many thanks and happy reading!