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Year 1 Blog Post 15/11/19

Year 1 Blog

This week in maths we have been looking in more detail at money. We have exchanged different coins and counted money in jars. We have also had to draw the right coins to make up different amounts. This can be really tricky as there are some coins that we do not have, such as 3p. We are doing really well with this now.

In English we have been going through some reading comprehensions, looking at how to find answers in the text and write them down. We have also started planning our very own versions of the Queen's Hat! We will be making our stories into books next week.

Rehearsals of the Nativity have been going well. Watch this space for song words and costume ideas, which we hope to send out shortly. Please also find links on this blog to the songs, so that you can learn and sing them in the shower at full volume! Apologies to anyone at home!

As always, have a lovely weekend.

Year 1 Team