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Year 1 Learning

Daily Learning - Monday 23rd

Good Morning!

I hope you had a lovely weekend and were able to enjoy the sunny weather.

Here is today's timetable - timings are a guidance and you can do your activities in an order that best suits you.  Links are below for you.

Have a good day!

Miss Murphy





25 mins

Read through the text carefully, underline any words you don’t understand and speak to your adult. 

Then have a go at answering the questions in your Home Learning Book.  The answers will go online by 3pm.

Phonics Play

15 mins

Phase 2 – choose a game you would like to try (we have played buried treasure in class).

Read the word out loud, break it down and blend as needed. 


15 mins

For your handwriting today, I would like you to do two lines of:

b, d, h.

Then using your HFW booklet, copy out the first 4 words.  As a challenge, write each of these words into a simple sentence. 

Key words/ common exception words

5-10 mins

Practise reading your key words and common exception words.  Do them out of order, in silly voices or any other way that helps you remember them.

Mental Maths

10 mins

Complete the questions within 10 minutes.  Remember that you can draw pictures if it helps you to work out the answers.

Maths lesson

30-40 mins

Start with the counting in 2’s song we have been using in class. – counting in 2’s


Follow the sheet but you can use splat square link to have an interactive 100 square.


How many different voices can you use when counting in 2’s?


Go and find different items and put them into groups of 2.  Then count how many you have altogether. 


Challenge: Can you solve our problem? 


Up to 1 hour

Can you find an item and describe it to an adult – try and use some scientific words (soft, hard, shiny etc)


Now I want you to find some different items around your home:

5 things that are made of metal

5 things that are made of wood

5 items that are made of glass


Draw these items into your Home Learning Book and write what they are.


Which one do you think is the best material and why?