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Brockenhurst C of E Primary School
& Pre-School

We Enjoy and Excel in the Presence of God

Year 1

Wednesday 25th March 2020

Good Morning,

Wow, that Joe Wicks workout yesterday was tough but we all got through it and laughed a lot, which was a lovely way to start our day at school. 

I hope you all had a successful day of home learning.  

Today's learning is outlined below.  Have a great day.

Miss Murphy




Spellings Shed

15 mins

Go to spelling shed and go through the set activities. 


15 mins

For your handwriting today, I would like you to do two lines of:

a, c, e.

Then using your HFW booklet, copy out the next 4 words.  As a challenge, write each of these words into a simple sentence. 


25 mins

Read through the text carefully 'Wanted', underline any words you don’t understand and speak to your adult. 

Then answer the questions in your Home Learning Book.


5-10 mins

Read your own book from school carefully, keep working on your fluency.  Try and answer some questions that your adult asks.

Mental Maths

10 mins

Number bonds to 10 families.

Have a look at the images, you need to write the four number sentences that go with them (addition and subtraction).  Remember, you can use items from around the house to help you.

Maths lesson

30-40 mins

Start by singing through the song –


Let’s start looking at making equal groups. 

What does the word ‘equal’ mean?

How do I know that groups are equal?


Answer the questions on the White Rose document.

Some questions to think about as you solve the problems

How many pencils are there in each pot?  How can I complete the sentence to describe the groups?

Are Josh’s groups equal or unequal?  How can we make them equal?

Now choose whether you want to answer question A or B. 


30 mins

Thinking about the materials you found, I want you to think about which materials you would build a house from. 

Think carefully about what the materials are like – would they be suitable for a house?

Draw a picture of your house and label the materials you have chosen to use.


30 mins

Time to be active.  You could follow Joe Wicks on YouTube, he is doing 30 minutes PE sessions every morning at 9am live but they are available at any point.  Or you could do some Just Dance.