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Tuesday 31st March

Good Morning!

I hope you all had a good day yesterday.  It is fantastic to see the sun out shining brightly again today - let's hope it's here all day.

Here is today's learning - have a good day.

Miss Murphy





Phonics Play

10 mins

Phase 4 – choose a game you would like to try (we have played buried treasure in class).

Read the word out loud, break it down and blend as needed. 


10 mins

For your handwriting today, I would like you to do two lines of:

f, p, q

Then using your HFW booklet, copy out the next 4 words.  As a challenge, write each of these words into a simple sentence.


50 mins

In class we have been looking at Lost and Found.  This week I want you to think about the adventures the boy and penguin went on and use it to create your own adventure.  Instead of a penguin though, a baby kangaroo has turned up at your front door. 

Start by watching a video telling ‘Lost and Found’ or if you have the book at home have a read with your adult.


Create a story map for you and the kangaroo.  Draw a big ‘S’ in your book and create your adventure.

Some things to think about:

Where are you going to go?  How are you going to get there?  What will you do on your way there?  Will you go on a boat, train, aeroplane?  Where are you going to end up going?  Where would the kangaroo live?


Remember once you have drawn your pictures, make them nice and colourful.  Then tell someone your story, using only your pictures to help.

Mental Maths

10 mins

Double the caterpillars.

Write out the number sentence and draw the caterpillars in your Home Learning Book.


40 mins

Look at Noah’s problem – he has seen some legs go past his Ark.  How many different answers can you find?



What if ... there were twelve creatures? How many legs could that be?

What if there were more legs... 18, 24, 19 ... or fewer?


30 mins


Over this week, we will be exploring Easter and why it is important to Christians. 

I want you to start our RE learning by drawing a picture of what Easter means to you. 


Continue watching from 16 to 33 minutes of the Story Keepers Easter story


After watching, talk to your adult about what you have seen and what you have learnt so far about the Easter story.

In your Home Learning Book, I would like you to write down two things you have learnt about the Easter story from today’s part of the film. 



30 mins

PE with Joe Wicks.