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Brockenhurst C of E Primary School
& Pre-School

We Enjoy and Excel in the Presence of God

Friday AM

Friday 3rd April

Good Morning everyone!

Here is today's learning.

Miss Murphy




Spelling shed

15 mins

Go onto spelling shed and complete activities.


25 mins

Today you are going to continue writing your story – the end part of your story.

Start this session by looking over your writing from yesterday and your story map from yesterday – can you still tell your story to someone? 


Spend 10-15 minutes writing the ending part of your story.  Remember to take your time, add in your FS and CL, also remembering your finger spaces. 

Once you have finished your writing, monkey talk it to check that you are not missing any words or punctuation.


10 mins

For your handwriting today, I would like you to do two lines of:

C, D, E.

Then using your HFW booklet, copy out the next 4 words.  As a challenge, write each of these words into a simple sentence.

Phonics Play

10 mins

Phase 4 – choose a game you would like to try (we have played buried treasure in class).

Read the word out loud, break it down and blend as needed. 

Mental Maths

15 mins

How many questions can you answer in the time set?

Maths lesson

30 mins

Complete the attached maths task.


30 mins


Over this week, we have been exploring Easter and why it is important to Christians. 


This week you have watched the Easter story and discussed the story.

Today I would like you to draw the Easter story – make it as colourful as possible and remember to draw the main parts. 

As a challenge, write a short extract underneath each picture to say what part you have drawn.



30 mins

PE with Joe Wicks.