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Year 1 home learning

Friday 24th April

Good Morning!

Wow I cannot believe how fast this week has gone by.  I hope you have all had a brilliant week so far.  Keep sending in your community art work.

Here is today's learning - have a good day!

Miss Murphy

Subject Area



Phonics Play

10 mins

Complete the attached phonics sheet.

Then go onto Phonics play - Phase 4 – choose a game you would like to try (we have played buried treasure in class).


10 mins

For your handwriting today, I would like you to do two lines of:

Capitals – O, P, Q

Then using your HFW booklet, copy out the next 4 words.  As a challenge, write each of these words into a simple sentence.


40 mins

See attached lesson for today.


Have a good discussion about their ideas before they begin the task.  They may want to make some notes and look back over their work from this week to help them come up with ideas.  We have done a similar task in class about Beegu. 


Remember to include enough description so someone who hasn’t seen the Gruffalo before could recognise him. 


10 mins

Read your own book and retell the story to an adult.  If you need new books, you can access e-books on  You can sign up for free and access age appropriate texts.

Mental Maths

10 mins

Superhero Problems

How many questions can you answer? 

They are all number bonds to 10 or number bonds to 20.

Maths lesson

30 mins

Today we are going to continue looking at capacity.

Go onto

Week 1 Lesson 5.

As you watch the video, talk about the language being used as it may not be familiar.  Pause the video when questions are being asked and have a short discussion about their thoughts. 

You may need to watch the video more than once.


Then have a go at the attached task.  You may want to use items from your home to help visually demonstrate capacity.


Quick Maths round

10-15 mins

Play hit the button

Number bonds up to 20 – make 20.

Can you beat your score?


Hopefully you will notice that your score will be increasing over the week.


30 mins

Today, have a go at body percussion.  All you need is your body and enthusiasm J

I have attached a PowerPoint which gives you some ideas and a challenge at the end to create your own patterns and having someone copy them. 

What can you create?

This link takes you to a group called Stomp – they use similar techniques to produce shows.


30 mins

PE with Joe Wicks.