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Brockenhurst C of E Primary School

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Y1 Science Dome success!

Y1 really enjoyed their Science Dome treat yesterday. It was full of wow moments for us all. The children  listened extrememly well and asked some excellent questions as well as showing off their considerable knowledge about the Moon. They have found out some interesting facts whilst researching for our Year 1 non-fiction book about Space that we have produced together.

Today I asked the children to write a bit to go on this blog explaining to you what they thought of yesterday's experience and what they learnt from it. Here is a selection of their comments. Other children had written similar comments:

“I might be an astronaut” –Oscar

“We zoomed up to Saturn. It has sixty seven moons. The moon is always in the sky.” – Cadi

“The best bit was when the astronauts fell over. I laughed. I loved it!” – Bea

“The Space dome was amazing because we saw the Moon. It was cool”– Aidan

“All of it was fantastic but my favourite bit was when we all felt like we were all floating up in to space but we were not” – Uma

“One of my favourite things was when we blasted off into space. I loved, loved,  loved it!” – Bethany

“I really liked the bit when it looked like we were going up up up into Space” - Phoebe

“The best bit was all of it! The best bit was when we were zooming into the planets” – Harry

“When I went into space I learnt that Saturn has over 60 moons and Mars still has a little bit of water on it and the moon is made of rock”. – Rose

“The best bit was when the astronaut was jumping and singing a silly song.” -  Flynn

“I found out that if an astronaut goes to Mars and stays there for a long time Mars will move away from Earth and then the rocket won’t have enough fuel ”– Oliver

“We played  a little  game at the beginning. We found out that Saturn has over 60 moons and an asteroid crashed into one of the moons to make the rings. Mars has two moons. In twenty years we can survive on Mars”. – James

“The parachute game was fun” – Lucy

“My best bit was going to Mars. It was exciting . . . Welearnt that astronauts are queasy in space. We went in a rocket. In the rocket it took us to Mars, Saturn and the Moon.  It was very fun” -Peony

“Did you know that Mars has two moons? We found that out in the Science Dome”. –Max

“It was really exciting when we flew up to the stars”– Mia

“We found out how the planets were made. It was funny when the astronaut had a funny walk” – Lucious

“We saw Neil Armstrong on the Moon” –Maisie

“My best bit was going up to see the planets because it felt like you were going up. We went on the  Moon. It was very fun”. – Erica

“Astronauts can’t run on the Moon, the astronauts can only jump on the Moon like kangaroos!” –Megan

“The Space Dome was cool. I liked it inside because  the walls changed” - Albie

Thank you very much PTA for funding this amazing and memorable experience.

In DT we have been making moon buggies with the Mobilo and K'nex and in music the children created some interesting sound effects using the instruments to go with the images of space we shared. Next week we will start designing our own buggies that we can make and bring home.

Im maths we have been focussing on addition and subtraction. Most children are able to recall their number bonds to 10 now. (If your child still finds them difficult please look at the attached document for ideas of games to help them learn). Now they need to start remembering number bonds to 20. Try at home collecting 20 objects and taking different amounts away. How many are left each time? Which pairs of numbers go together to make 20? Next week our focus will be money and problem solving.

Thank you to all those who have brought in special books. Sorry we haven't had time to read them all yet but we will endeavour to do so next week.

Thank you to Mrs Davis for forwarding the information from the Forestry comission about stargazing, I had just received the same email myself and was going to share. Follow this link to download your own beginners guide to stargazing and other night time activities.