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Brockenhurst C of E Primary School
& Pre-School

We Enjoy and Excel in the Presence of God

Year 1

Tuesday 19th May


Here is today's home learning - have a great day!

Miss Murphy





15 mins

Complete your phonics task.

Then go to phonics play - phase 5 – choose a game you would like to try (we have played buried treasure in class).

Read the word out loud, break it down and blend as needed. 


10 mins

Start with some finger fitness exercise dances.


Then see the attached sheets.  Take your time with the three sentences as you copy them out into your handwriting book, or your home learning book.


30 mins

See attached sheet.  Stop the video at 7:55


15 mins

Read your own book and retell the story to an adult.  If you need new books, you can access e-books on  You can sign up for free and access age appropriate texts.

Mental Maths

10 mins

Complete the mental maths questions.

Maths lesson

30 mins

Watch through the video– Summer 1 Week 2, Lesson 3.

‘Find a quarter (2)’’.


Start with the four questions, pause the video and see how many you can work out. 

Pause the video when asked a question to have time to discuss.

Quick Maths round

10-15 mins

Play hit the button

Number bonds – addition within 20.

Can you beat your score?


40 mins

Today, I would like you to look at the different parts of a plant.  Have a look through the PowerPoint.  Try and guess what the different parts do before reading.

You may want to pick a flower (carefully, try and get it all out) before starting this session so that you can have a look at a real plant whilst you are learning about the parts. 

Then work through the worksheets. 


30 mins

PE with Joe Wicks.