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Brockenhurst C of E Primary School

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Y1 Sharks - Looking ahead

Y1 have been busy making their moon buggies this week. They were keen to bring them home today but in the end we decided to keep them to show Mrs Townsend.  Once admired and evaluated they can come home next week along with the rockets they made earlier in the half term.

Super writing from the Sharks again this week and lots of drama based on the story of Beegu. Next week its the turn of the children to write their own Space adventures which we started planning today. I have reminded the children to brig in a shoe box or similar and any other bits they need to create their story telling box on Monday with Mrs Townsend. Please read her blog from earlier this week to check what is needed if you are not sure.

In maths the challenge has been to double numbers and count on and back in twos or tens from zero or indeed any number - using a 100 square to support if necessary. I suggested they try and challenge you to do the same and check to see whether you get it right. Today whilst sharing out choc chip cookies (sadly of the paper variety), I introduced them to the x sign for multiplication explaining that it meant "lots of". For example if 3 children had 2 cookies each then we had 3 lots of 2 or 3 x 2. I drew on their knowledge of counting in twos to answer questions such as "if there were five bikes in the bike rack, how many wheels would that be?". I encouraged the children to draw the wheels to help them visualise the problem tho' some preferred to count on their fingers. You could try similar real life multiplication at home as it arises and show how you would record the sum.

We are looking ahead to next half term and are in the process of organising a school trip to support learning in History. As St. Barbes is closed we will be going to Manor Farm instead which is a great opportunity for children to literally step back in time. I hope to get more details to you by the end of next week but the date of that trip will be Thursday 16th March. I have also arranged for a RSPB outreach worker to come and help  us find homes for animals in our school grounds at the end of March. It was a shame the musicians who were organised to play for us all this morning had to be cancelled due to their ill health but hopefully that will be postponed to another date soon. Lots to look forward to.

Don't forget your story box bits for Monday!