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Year 1 Home Learning

Friday 26th June 2020

 Goeie more almal!

Well done on another fantastic week of learning.  One more day before the weekend and it looks like we could be having this lovely weather :-)

Here is today's learning - lekker dag!

Miss Murphy





15 mins

See attached PowerPoint for today’s task.


10 mins

Start with some finger fitness exercise dances – some of it is a little tricky but see how much you can do.


Trace over each word and then copy them out at least four times and try and join your letters together.  Remember your lead-ins and as an extra challenge, write out the four key words joined up in your handwriting books.


30 mins

See attached sheet for today’s task. 


10 mins

Read your own book and retell the story to an adult.  If you need new books, you can access e-books on  You can sign up for free and access age appropriate texts.

Mental Maths

10 mins

Complete the mental maths questions.

Maths lesson

30 mins

Watch through the video– Summer 1 Week 5, Lesson 3.

Measure length (2)’.’


Watch the video together, pause and answer any questions as they arise.  Then have a go at the sheet.

Quick Maths round

10-15 mins

Play hit the button

Can you beat your score?

Golden Time

30 mins

Choose something fun to do. 


30 mins

PE with Joe Wicks