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Year 1 Friday Blog- Friday 4th February

Friday 4th February

Dear Parents,

The children have all worked very hard this week and been very resilient with their learning!


This week we have started learning about our new book ‘Little Red Riding Hood’. At the beginning of the week the children drew amazing pictures of a forest scene and labelled these with vocabulary. We then read the Little Red Riding Hood story and discussed what we like and didn’t like about it, then we sequenced the events in the story in the correct order. The children then looked at the character of the Wolf and wrote sentences describing what he looked like.


In maths, we have been learning how to add in different ways. We started by using number lines to count on from a given number, the moved on to using our number bonds to help us. The children were very good at remembering their number bonds to 5. This week any extra practise of learning their number bonds to 10 would be great!


The children loved thinking about our different body parts this week. We began with a game of Simon Says, and the children made it very tricky for me to catch them out! They were all able to point to the different parts confidently. We then labelled a picture in our books, the children really enjoyed this activity!

Thank you for another lovely week Year 1! Remember to keep reading each day for one of our special sparkly reading stickers.

The Year 1 Team