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Brockenhurst C of E Primary School
& Pre-School

We Enjoy and Excel in the Presence of God

Year 1

Year 1 - 06.05.2022


We have been working on money, making different amounts, ordering price labels from smallest to biggest and have been adding and subtracting using 10p and 1p coins.


We have been thinking about our seaside poem and went for a sensory walk in the school grounds. We planned and wrote our seaside poems using describing words to make them more interesting.


We investigated which paper was best for painting on, mopping up water and writing on. We had great fun! We explored different types of papers including kitchen towel, wrapping, greaseproof, plain paper and glossy magazines. We found out that for writing and painting plain paper was best and we mopped up water with kitchen towel!


The children have loved being out on the field practising their athletics, so far we have done running, relay and some super standing long jump.