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Brockenhurst C of E Primary School
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Year 1 - 29.9.23

Good afternoon, 

This week in phonics we have been learning alternative digraphs (two letters one sound): oy/oi, ai/ay, ea/ee, ow,ou . A tricky concept for children to learn, but they have all tried  really hard. Please encourage your child to spot these when reading. Please see attachments for more details. 

Reminder-Phonics Evening-Tuesday 3rd October 6.30 in the hall. 

The reading rewards were a big hit on Thursday. This is a weekly reward so please keep encouraging your child to read. Little and is often the best. Please write in your child's reading record - if they have read their Little Wandle e-book or school book 3 times that week. 

In English, we started reading 'Oliver's Vegetables', a real favourite!  The children have been discussing where vegetables grow, if they have planted them and their favourite. The challenge this week was to write sentences and join ideas together by using the word 'and' 

In Maths, we have been focusing on the crocodile symbols for greater than (>) , less than (<) and equals to (=) , through practical games and playing with the symbols the children are beginning to grasp. 

P.E - A big plea, we are trying to encourage independence when getting changed for P.E. Please, if your child can not dress and undress themselves, encourage this at home and help them by dressing them in easy clothing on Monday and Tuesdays.

As part of our geography unit this term, "The geography of where I live," Year 1 will be taking a walk around the local area looking at human and physical features of Brockenhurst.  Weather permitting, I am planning on this taking place on Monday 16th October at 1pm.  It would be lovely to have some helpers so if anyone fancies a local walk that afternoon and holds a current DBS. 

We hope you have a lovely sunny weekend. 

Year 1 Team