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Year 1 Blog 24.11.23

Good afternoon,

What another fantastic week in Owls. The nativity practises are now in full swing! The children are working so hard to learn all the songs and cannot wait to show you their hard work. Next week we will be practising at the church. A little reminder that costumes can start coming to school as of Monday 27th November and no later than Friday 1st December, please ensure these are named and in a named carrier bag.

In Phonics, our new sounds are ‘e-e’ (as in these) ‘ew’ (as in chew, new) ‘ie’ (as in shied) and ‘aw’ (as in claw). Our new tricky words are; house, mouse, water, want.

In English, the children retold the story of ‘The Three Little Pigs’ to year R it was absolutely fabulous, we have recorded it on Instagram, so you can enjoy it to. We also wrote the story using our story maps. We broke down the story into beginning, middle and end.

In Maths, we completed our unit on addition and subtraction. Children have learnt a range of different strategies to support them in solving problems, including part/part/whole, ten’s frame and using a number line. Some children are still getting a little muddled with the + and – symbols. Any extra practise at home will help.

In Jigsaw this week we discussed ‘bullying’, a very serious but important topic. We looked at different scenarios/ pictures and discussed. We shared that a falling out with a friend is not bullying. Bullying is someone or a group of people being unkind (physically or verbally) to the same person or group a number of times. We talked about what we should do if anyone is unkind to them and explained how important it is to share our concerns with a trusted adult.

Please do not hesitate to contact Emma or I if you have any questions or concerns, our email address is and

Have a lovely weekend and look forward to seeing the children next week.

Year One Team