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Brockenhurst C of E Primary School

We Enjoy and Excel in the Presence of God

Y1 have great end to successful week

Your children have done really well this week in their phonics screening tests. They were all willing to have a go and try their best sounding out all the words as requested. We couldn't ask for more. These results are reported to parents but not until July when they come home with the annual school report. Thank you for all your continued support with reading at home and learning key words and speed sounds over the year. It really has helped.

After all the assessment bits and pieces going on how nice to have a day like today where the children get a chance to do what they enjoy and be out and about working and learning together in the sunshine.

The children had a fantastic time building dens with the Dads who were able to come in and thanks to the PTA who organised the event, they worked in their groups to build some very impressive dens. Hopefully I can get the photos into an album for you. Thank you to all the Dads who did their bit with the sellotape, the bamboo and the boxes etc ensuring the children had dens that stood up and looked the part. It was great that everyone was willing to listen and take on board the ideas of all group members - and there were some very interesting ideas! Super teamwork everyone.

This afternoon we were introduced to a variety of trees on the new tree trail at Beaulieu CET and along the way there were a whole range of people who showed us what could be done with the trees including leaf and charcoal art work, not forgetting the ever popular melting of marshmallows on sticks over a campfire. Yum! It was a lovely location and I hope as a school we are able to arrange other trips to the CET to support our science curriculum. If you yourselves would like to visit as a family you can go along tomorrow (Saturday 17th) to the tremendous tree trail which you'll find signs for if you drive in through the carpark to the Beaulieu Motor museum. See or look out on their website for future events. I hope the children are able to recognise and name a few more local trees as a result. One of the rarer ones we saw was the Wild Service tree where we did our leaf rubbing. That was one I hadn't heard of before. Thank you to the parents who helped and the staff who supported by driving the mininbuses.

We really do appreciate all offers of help and we know we are very lucky in our class to have so many volunteersfor trips. We are sorry we are not always able to take you all but please don't let that put you off volunteering for future visits. I'm sorry that there seem to have been a few recent glitches with knowing who has offered to help and who is actually helping. I will look into this for future trips to ensure communication is better between all concerned.

In class this week the children have been finding out more about the African animals we saw at the zoo and other African animals. Mrs Darnell showed all the children some of the photos she had taken on her recent photography safari and I know the children were really impressed. They are in the process of creating their own Top Trumps style animal cards and have already made some informative posters. We have started to make our own animal masks using papier mache and are enoying composing some African inspired music.

In maths we have been consolidating learning about halves and quarters - still challenging for some, and practised giving and following directions including half and quarter turns.