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Brockenhurst C of E Primary School

We Enjoy and Excel in the Presence of God

Y2 Week 5 - 30th November 2016


This past week we have been working on the following:


We have been practising our drama skills and retelling the story of Lily and the Snowman through freeze frames.

We have also been working on our sentence structure. The children have been using rainbow writing (using a different colour pen for each sentence) to ensure that we are clear when a sentence should end, a new one begin. We have also looked at commas.

You can support your child in this by emphasising sentences in books that you are reading at home and encouraging them to think about when would be the end of a sentence.


We continued to look at fractions this week and in particular fractions of numbers and of money.

You can support your child by asking them to tell you what a ½ or ¼ is of any coins that you may have in your purse.


We have been practising the Nativity with Year 1 and Yr R with both the lines and songs. Thank you for all your support at home with this. It is starting to look fantastic.

Thank you

Miss Ashness and Mrs Hudson