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Brockenhurst C of E Primary School
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Year 2

Year 2 - 14.06.2019

This week in English we have been continuing to explore our class text.  We are very familiar with the book now and we are taking it in turns to read the story out loud to the rest of the class.  I am really impressed with how confident the children are! We have been learning about using prepositions and compound words in our writing.  We have also written missing posters from Lila asking for the rain.

In maths we have been exploring multiplication (2’s, 5’2 and 10’s) and division in more depth.  We have been solving a range of different problems where we have to use either multiplication or division to work out the answer.  The children have showed off their knowledge and understanding brilliantly throughout the week.  We are very impressed. Please continue to access Mathletics where your children can continue to practise and develop their mathematical skills.  You can also access hit the button ( for some great games against the clock to work on fluency of halving, doubling, multiplying, dividing and number bonds.

This afternoon in golden time the children voted to spend half of the time outside playing whole class games and the other half inside with a choice of activities. This worked wonderfully and everyone enjoyed the afternoon.

I hope you have a great weekend.

Miss Blick