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Year 2

Year 2 - 31.01.2020

This week we were treated to a scooter session.  The children all worked hard, stayed safe and challenged themselves.  We practised scooting in a straight line and quickly moved onto moving around obstacles and learning some tricks. I was really proud of the children’s enthusiasm.  We spoke today about how we felt before, during and after the scooter session as some of us had felt a little worried.  We discussed how feeling worried or nervous is a perfectly normal feeling, especially when trying something new, but we all agreed it was great fun!

Some children have asked me if they can come into year 2 during lunch to do some of their home learning.   I have agreed that they can come in on a Monday after they’ve eaten lunch and until 12:45pm at the latest.  This will then allow them to get some fresh air before the afternoon lessons start. I have said that this is not compulsory and they can come every week or once every few weeks – it is completely up to them.

In English this week we have been reading about the journey of Tom who is a great explorer.  We wrote a list of items for him to pack (using commas to separate the items) and described the Northern Lights based on an illustration and video clip. 

In maths we have been focussing on adding 2 digit and 1 digit numbers.  We have been using different methods and choosing which one currently suits us best.  Some children are bridging through 10 (26 + 7 = 26 + 4 + 3) whilst others are using dienes or pictures to help them count on from the greatest number. We will continue addition next week.

In science we have planted some cress seeds.  We have placed them in different conditions so that we can find out what plants need to grow healthily. We have made predictions and will be revisiting them over the coming weeks.

I hope you have a lovely weekend.
Miss Blick