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Year 2 - Home Learning 25.03.2020

Year 2 - Home Learning 25.03.2020

Good evening 

I hope you have al had a good day.  I preparation for tomorrow I attach all home learning activities for Wednesday 25th March. If you have any queries, please let me know. 

Kind regards

Miss Blick 

Subject Area

Time Allocated


Mental Maths

15 mins

Write down the 2 and 10 times tables.  How far can you go with each one? E.G:

1 x 2 =                1 x 10 =

2 x 2 =                2 x 10 =

3 x 2 =                3 x 10 =


You could access the Supermovers songs that we sing along to at school.  Here is the link:


Maths Lesson

45 mins

L.O: To divide by 10.  

Please complete activities 5-8 on the fluency sheet.  You do not have to complete both a and b – just choose either a or b from each question. The children are confident with their 10 times tables and can use this knowledge to help with division.

Please choose a problem solving activity to complete from the attachment.




45 mins

L.O: To plan a story. 

Look at this picture:

Create a story map for the girl and the dragon.  Think about where they could be going and what kind of things they could do together. Draw a big ‘S’ in your home learning book and create a new adventure.  Draw pictures along the ‘S’ so show their adventure.  Add captions so you know what is happening at each point.

Remind your children we did this for ‘The Snail and the Whale’ on World Book Day so they are familiar with this format.

Alternatively, I have attached some other examples of how to plan a story that you may wish to use.

Some ideas: What if there is snow storm and the dragon can’t fly?  Could they meet another dragon who needs some help? They might get lost and need to find their way back home.


15 mins

Practise your spellings on spelling shed:

 Are there any other words you can think of that end with an ‘ey’ and make an ‘ee’ sound?


15 mins

Read your book with a parent/sibling/teddy.

Focus on using expression just like we do in school.  Talk about your favourite part of the story.  


45 mins

Draw something that makes you happy!  There are lots of fantastic tutorials on YouTube that you might find helpful.  You could look at Draw with Rob ( or look for How to Draw ….. (  Alternatively just pick up a pencil and some paper and draw a picture that will make you and others smile.  Think about the drawing we have done in school – use the whole piece of paper, take your time and use light lines as you map out the outline. Add lots of colour – you may wish to do this by using pencils, pens, paint or use paper to create a collage.