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Year 2 - Home Learning

Year 2 - Home Learning 23.04.2020

Good afternoon 

I hope you have had a good day.  Please see below tomorrow's home learning.  

Best wishes 

Miss Blick

Subject Area

Time Allocated



15 mins

Practise this week’s spelling.  You could do this on Spelling Shed or using one of the ways we use in class.

Mental Maths

15 mins

Practise your times tables on ‘Hit The Button’

(2’s, 5’s and 10’s)



45 mins

L.O: To subtract a two digit number. 

Complete the attached sheet on subtraction. Remember when we subtract our answer is smaller than the whole amount that we started with. Use your knowledge of tens and ones to work out the answer and draw pictures to help you.



15 mins

Choose one of your favourite books to read today.  Make sure it is one you are familiar with so you can work on reading with fluency and expression.  


30 mins

L.O: To explore vocabulary  

This week’s unit is based on ‘The Silent Red Book’, a copy of which can be found online using this link:

See attached sheet.

Use the thought bubbles from yesterday’s lesson.  Revisit the vocabulary you came up with.  Today we will be putting these into full sentences using conjunctions (but, and, so, because, or).    


30 mins

L.O: To explore Christian symbols.

Use the attached PowerPoint to look at different symbols and what they mean to Christians.   You can then create your own symbol that represents something that is important to you.


30 mins

This week we will be making our own photo frames out of things you can find in your garden or when you are out for a walk.

I have attached some instructions to help you with this. If you like you could draw the outline of your frame on some paper or card and then stick a photo or draw a picture in the middle. You could then glue the things you have collected to create your frame.