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Year 2 - Home Learning

Year 2 - Home Learning 27.04.2020

Good evening

I hope you are all well and have enjoyed the sunny weekend.  Please see below your home learning for tomorrow. Please let me know if you have any questions.

Best wishes,

Miss Blick

Subject Area

Time Allocated


Mental Maths  

15 mins

Answer these questions in your Home Learning book:

24 + 53 =

6 x 2 =

10 x 10 =

½ of 22 =

1/3 of 9 =

8 x 5 =

73 – 31 =  


45 mins

L.O: To subtract a two digit number. 

Complete the attached sheet on subtraction. Remember when we subtract our answer is smaller than the whole amount that we started with. Use your knowledge of tens and ones to work out the answer and draw pictures to help you.

When solving the last problem please explain how you worked the answer out and record it as a bar model or part whole model.



15 mins

Practise your spellings on Spelling Shed.

This week we will be working on some of our common exception words.  Make sure you practise reading them too!

Whole     Any

Many       Clothes

Busy         People

Water      Again

Half          Money


15 mins

Read your reading book (or one from Oxford Owl).  Re-read any parts that don’t quite make sense.

Tell someone in your house what the story was about.  Were there any parts you did not like?  What was your favourite part?



30 mins

L.O: To respond to a text.

This week’s unit is based on ‘Handa’s Surprise’, a copy of which can be found online using this link:

Read the story together and ask your child to record their responses on the grid attached.  Encourage your child to explain their views.



1 Hour

L.O: To know the seven continents

Listen to this song: It is very catchy and will help you learn the name of the continents.

Explore the attached PowerPoint which has information on the continents. Over the next few weeks we will be creating a fact file about the continents.  I have attached an example for you to print or you could create your own, or use your home learning book. Today we will be looking at Africa – I have attached a second PowerPoint with lots of facts about Africa and here is a link to some videos too  Include pictures in your fact files too!