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Year 2 - Home Learning

Year 2 - Home Learning 22.05.2020

Hello all

Please see below the home learning for tomorrow. Have a great day :-) 

Subject Area

Time Allocated


Mental Maths  

15 mins

Answer these questions in your Home Learning book:

71 – 51  =   

51 + 25 =

1 x 5 =  

2 x 10 =

7 x 2 =

10 ÷ 2 =   

50 ÷ 10 =


45 mins

L.O: To know related facts

Watch the video on:

Week 3, lesson 3.

Complete the attached sheet. Draw your dienes to help you.


15 mins

Practise your spellings on Spelling Shed.

This week we will be looking at homophones or near homophones. They are words that sound the same but have different meanings and spellings. Near homophones have slightly different pronunciations. Read the words below and use them in a sentence.

Quiet        Quite

Bare          Bear

Sun           Son

Be             Bee

Night        Knight


15 mins

Read your reading book (or one from Oxford Owl).  Re-read any parts that don’t quite make sense.



30 mins

L.O: To write a story

Using your plan from Wednesday, you can now write your story.

Some things to include:

Adverbs – carefully/slowly/quickly/silently etc

Use conjunctions: and, or, but, so, when, if, because, that.

Use expanded noun phrases to describe: ‘the huge, scary dragon’

Different sentence starters

Possessive apostrophe

Use your common exception word mat to help with spellings.



30 mins

Joe Wicks:




30 mins

Please see attached PowerPoint.