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Year 2 - Home Learning

Year 2 - Home Learning 05.06.2020

Good evening 

I hope you are all doing OK and have had a good week. Please see below the home learning for tomorrow. I would love to see some of the published poetry, if you are able to email it across to me that would be wonderful. 

Have a great day. 

Miss Blick

Subject Area

Time Allocated


Mental Maths  

15 mins

Answer these questions in your Home Learning book:

10 ÷ 2 =

16 ÷ 4 =

5 x 5 =

6 x 2 =

10 x 10 =

86 – 55 =

59 + 22 =   


45 mins

L.O: To add two 2 digit numbers.

Today we will be using all of our learning from this week to problem solve and share the reasoning for our answers.

Please complete the attached sheet.

I have also attached a sheet with examples of how you could solve the problems, using either tens and ones, or a number line.



15 mins

Practise your spellings on Spelling Shed.

There         Their

See             Sea

Here           Hear

Too             Two

Blue            Blew


**Also have a go at revisiting ‘where’ and ‘wear’***


15 mins

Read your reading book (or one from Oxford Owl).  Retell the story to someone at home. Consider and discuss how the main characters feel at different points in the story.


30 mins

L.O: To publish our writing.

Read back your work from yesterday. Edit any areas that you want to improve and correct errors you spot.

Once you are happy, we will publish our work. This means we will be focusing on our presentation – making sure we use our neatest handwriting and take into account any errors you have spent time correcting. You could do this in your home learning book, or use the attached sheet if you prefer.

Draw a picture to go with your poem.

I would love to see some of the published poems – please do send me some to take a look at.



30 mins

Joe Wicks:



Golden Time!

30 mins

Please enjoy some relaxing time! You could take part in some reading or colouring. You might choose to play your favourite game or learn a new skill. However you choose to spend it, enjoy!