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Year 2 - Home Learning

Year 2 - Home Learning 10.06.2020

Good afternoon 

I hope you have enjoyed your day.  Please see below the learning for tomorrow. 

Here are the video links for music, just in case you cannot access them from the PowerPoint:

Best wishes 

Subject Area

Time Allocated


Mental Maths  

15 mins

Answer these questions in your Home Learning book:

½ of 80 =

1/3 of 21 =

57 + 24 =

73 - 51 =

8 x 5 =

12 x 2 =

6 x 10 =



45 mins

L.O: To know bonds to 100.

Use this video to start with: (week 4, lesson 4). Then complete the attached sheet.



15 mins

Practise your spellings on Spelling Shed.

This week we are looking that words that have an ‘or’ sound that is spelled with an ‘a’, when the sound is before and l or ll.

All             Ball

Call           Walk

Talk          Always

Fall           Small

Also          Bald



15 mins

Read a reading book out loud, focusing on using expression.



30 mins

L.O: To ask questions.

This week we will be looking at ‘This Is How We Do It’. A copy of the text is available online by using the below links:

 See the attached document for today’s lesson – using ‘why, what, where, when, how’, write your own questions.



30 mins

L.O: To learn about the Holy Trinity.  

Please watch the worship that our Vicar, Simon, has put together for you: 

Using Simon’s examples as a basis (water and a triangle), could you come up with your own images to represent the Holy Trinity?



30 mins

Use the attached PowerPoint and videos to learn about duration.