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Year 2 - Home Learning

Year 2 - Home Learning 18.06.2020

Good afternoon 

I hope you have had a lovely day.  It has been a pleasent durprise to have such beautiful weather! Please see the below the home learning for tomorrow. 

Best wishes 

Subject Area

Time Allocated


Mental Maths  

10 mins

Complete the set activity on Mathletics.  


Maths – Counting

5 mins

Practise counting in 2’s, 5’s and 10’s



45 mins

L.O: To Problem Solve

Using all we have learnt about addition and subtraction, have a go at solving the attached problems. Use a preferred methods and use drawings or equipment to support if needed.



10 mins

Please use your booklets to complete 15 minutes of handwriting practise.  Don’t forget your lead-ins and take your time!



10 mins

Choose a book you have at home and are familiar with. Re-read this out loud, focusing on using expression.



30 mins

L.O: To plan a story

Think of your favourite fairy-tale – say the story out loud to someone at home. Now think about how you could change the story slightly. For example, think of ‘The Three Little Pigs’. Rather than the wolf being mean, maybe the pigs were unkind to the wolf all along!?

You could either draw a story map of your own version (a big ‘S’ on a piece of paper), or use the story plan attached.



1 Hour

 I have attached a selection of activities.

The sun activity says to use paint. If you do not have paint at home, you could use felt tips or colouring pencils to create the same effect.

These are all flower ideas. Could you use the same technique but create a different themed picture?