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Brockenhurst C of E Primary School
& Pre-School

We Enjoy and Excel in the Presence of God

Yr 2 - 14th January 2022

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Dear Parents,

This week we have been learning:


We have continued to read Samson 's Titanic journey and have examined and acted out part of the book. The children are continuing to love learning about this time in history.


We have learnt to identify a half and a quarter and link it to division.


We have been learning about the different stages of development for a human.


I have noticed that some of the children are reading very little at home. Please can I urge you to support your child with this vital life skill. Short and often is preferable to longer but less frequent reading.

It does not always need to be the reading books that we are sending home, it could be any book or comic that your child is interested in. Paired reading of a nighttime story can be very effective as it allows you to read a page and then they read a page or part of a page, you take over and then repeat.

I have told the children they can have a sticker for every day that they read to you. If you can please record the read in their reading record.

We have been spending a considerable amount of time changing reading books twice a week. The second change appears to come at the wrong time - at the end of the week and hence we are moving from next week to a change once a week on a Wednesday night. Instead of 2 books we will send home  3 books. Hopefully this will allow you enough time to enjoy the books being sent home.


We have had an increasing number of incidents involving lost or damaged keyrings, especially the mini stuffed toy variety. It has caused a great about of distress for the children when something happens to them. Please can I ask that these precious items are kept at home .

Kind regards

Justina Hudson