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Year 2

Year 2 - 05.10.2018

The weeks really are flying by – I cannot believe we are here at Friday again!  Today we went to St Saviours Church for our Harvest Festival.  The children walked to and from the church very sensibly and sang our 2 songs (Autumn Days and Count On Me) beautifully. Thank you all very much for your generous donations – they were collected from school by Lymington Foodbank and will help support people in our local area.

The children completed their own versions of ‘The Tear Thief’ this week and it was a pleasure to read their wonderful stories.  They had worked had on language choices and ensuing their work made sense.  The editing process is a challenge but is also very worthwhile to the children and their final piece of writing.  We will be introducing a variety of strategies to make editing more fun and focussed which will aid the children in the process.  We have moved onto our next text ‘Croc and Bird’. This is the story of an unlikely friendship between a crocodile and a bird which hatch next to each other. As great story that the children are enjoying exploring.

In maths we are now focussing on subtraction – subtracting two digit numbers and tens and two digit numbers and ones. The children have used equipment, number lines and pictures to support them in their learning.  We have focussed on choosing the most efficient method (e.g should I count in 1’s or 10’s?) as well as selecting resources (if needed) that we know can help with that particular problem.  To support your child at home you could continue to count in tens, forwards and backwards from any number – this will really help number fluency.

Have a great weekend.

Miss Blick