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Brockenhurst C of E Primary School

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Year 3

Welcome to the Snow Leopards with Mr Wilcox, Mrs Lever, Mrs Dunne, Mrs Cowell, Mrs Jones and Mrs Young

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  • Year 3 Blog 19.3.21

    Published 19/03/21, by Sam Wilcox

    It's hard to image that the children have been absent for 8 weeks of this term, as they have settled back like summer flip flops on the beach. 

    Poetry! That's all we have been doing (in English). The children have been engaged, they have performed, written and performed again. On our Google Classroom page you can see the first set of poems that I have managed to film. If you want to leave supportive comments then please do. 

    In Maths, we have started looking at place value again. Just to refresh our memories.

    Art - we focussed on Rembrandt and his obsession with noses. We created a scribbled pencil page then sketched portraits of our classmates using only erasers. 


    Mathletics - there are 2 new tasks due for Tuesday

    Spelling Shed - Due Tuesday

    TT Rockstars - we are focussing on the 6 timetables. 


    PE - Tuesday and Thursday

    Library change - Thursday

    Reading books changed Wednesday and Friday

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  • Year 3 Blog 4.12.20

    Published 04/12/20, by Sam Wilcox


    Changing books Wednesday and Friday

    Library Change is Thursday

    PE: Tuesday and Thursday. 

    This Week:

    English, we have finally started our instructions, this has been made trickier by completing them on Google Docs. However the end result will look professional. 

    Maths: we have counted in tenths, and identified right angles until our brains hurt. 

    We've finally had to say goodbye to our Rubbish Tree, if you want to see it, it is on display at the CO OP. 

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  • Year 3 Blog 20.11.20

    Published 20/11/20, by Sam Wilcox

    This week

    A busy week in English, we have learnt: what an imperative verb is and how to use it! When we should use exclamation marks, we have looked at some of the problems with plastic pollution in our reading and finally, we have planned letters to write to Julian Lewis to ask him to petition Boris Johnson to ban single use plastics. 

    In Mathematics, we have taken small steps into understanding how fractions are created. We firstly looked at Europe as our whole and countries within Europe as our parts of our whole. We have moved onto understanding how to write fractions and what a unit fraction is. 

    In geography, we looked at wind turbines and solar farms and asked why they are becoming more popular. 

    In PE we rolled around on mats a lot. This was part of our movements in gymnastics topic. Outdoor PE, we looked at sidestepping and pivoting, which we then used to play a game of piggy-in-the-middle. 


    The photo above is from last. 

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  • Year 3 Blog

    Published 13/11/20, by Sam Wilcox

    A lovely week!

    This has been an active week in Year 3, but the children have taken to it with enthusiasm. We were lucky enough to be given a book each for free from Karen who owns the COOP. The book inspired us to create a tree from plastic waste (see results below). 

    In Maths, we have investigated the relationship between mm, cm and m. We have measured everything, from our noses to the ends of pencils. We have converted the units and found halves and quarters of them. 

    In English we started a new documentary unit, call The Majestic Plastic Bag. It showed a mockumentary of how a plastic bag ends up in the Pacific Ocean from a supermarket. 

    In art we had a model pose for us whilst we undertook drawing challenges, where we were not allowed to take our pencil off the paper until we had finished our picture. After, we were only allowed to use straight lines to draw the model. 

    Book changes: Wednesday and Friday


    Indoors = Tuesday

    Outdoors = Thursday

    Library = Thursday. 

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  • Year 3 Blog 06.11.20

    Published 06/11/20, by Sam Wilcox

    For next Wednesday ...

    Could all children bring in plastic rubbish that has been washed. The plastic rubbish must be cuttable using the school scissors and not too sharp once it has been cut. Could they also bring plastic that can be wrapped, so that we can wrap it around a thick tube. All will become clearer next week. 

    This week

    We have been writing our first drafts of our wolf leaflets. The aim was to convince Europeans that wolves should be given a place to stay in Europe. 

    In Maths we have continued with money. If you get a change to practice and play with coins, this would be useful as coins are becoming used less. 

    Our Geography topic is Sustainability for this half term.  Students should develop an idea about what we can do to make our environment better and what the problems are. 

    For PE we are working on gymnastics and bench ball. The skills we are focussing on are challenging yourself understanding where we are with our learning.  

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  • Year 3 Blog

    Published 23/10/20, by Sam Wilcox

    This Week 

    In English, we took on the mammoth task of understanding a compound sentence. They will need reminders for the next few weeks. We also took our keywords and created poems about Wolves. 

    In Maths, we looked at adding and subtracting money. The children found this very confusing as they are not recognising coins. So, as additional homework, I would like you to set up a role-play shop, where the children can explore adding and subtracting money. 


    We have finished our 3s and have moved to our 4s. Here are some catchy songs to play to help you remember your timetables.


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  • Year 3 Blog 16/10/20

    Published 16/10/20, by Sam Wilcox

    This Week

    The tension in the classroom was a torrent of fear, as a wolf stalked a rabbit as she read her book. Children used drama to recreate the story of Wolves by Emily Gravett (  Pupils focussed in on their writing mission this week, which is to create a leaflet, raising awareness of the threat to grey wolves in Europe. We looked at what a sentence needs in order to make sense (a verb) and discovered how confusing life is without them. 

    For maths, we have carried on with our 3 x tables and started adding and subtracting 3 digit numbers and ones.

    Here is 3 x table song to practice. 

    Our weekly warriors showed skills in patience, appreciation, effort, kindness and presentation. 

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  • Year 3 and the Murder Mystery

    Published 02/10/20, by Sam Wilcox

    A furious Mr Wilcox, exploded onto the playground. He had discovered the classroom in a mess during break time. As the class entered, they realised that they were stepping into a crime scene (not real). The were met by a body outline of a rabbit (looks like a squirrel), blood streaks and paw prints (water colours), paw prints, eyes and ears of a wolf around the walls. The pupils gave up being the Year 3 class and instead took up detection.

    This was all in aid of building interest in our new book Wolves, which we will start on Wednesday. 

    In Maths this week we have been working on number lines. This has been tricky and pupils can find further practices on Mathletics. 

    We are still o our 3 timetables, all pupils improved from last week and we are aiming to get 60 correct answers in 3 minutes in two weeks time. Please practice at home and use TT Rockstars. 


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  • Year 3 Blog - Heroes

    Published 25/09/20, by Sam Wilcox

    We have many heroes in this classroom. After an assembly about making small differences that add up to big changes, two Year 3 heroes litter picked for their entire breaktime.

    During art, children experimented with their paint brushes and water colours. They were (amazingly) neat, yet colourful, and creative. There were multiple techniques that the children had to master with the brush and the end results were very creative. 

    In Maths, I had further classroom heroes,  children who challenged themselves without fear of error and children who carefully unpicked difficult question. We worked on place value questions and the children have learnt varying ways in which to represent numbers using pictures and resources. 

    In English, our classroom heroes took feedback, acted on it and made a lovely setting descriptions. The were writing about what it looks like to live in the Stone Age. We practised by describing photos that our friends couldn't see, but later had to draw using our descriptions. Later, we Freeze Framed our future story plans, that we aer preparing to write next week about the Stone Age.

    I would like to add that I am very impressed with the attitudes of Year 3 students. They listen well, are very respectful and are enjoyable to teach.  It has been a great start to the year. 

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  • 18/09/20

    Published 18/09/20, by Sam Wilcox

    Firstly I would like to mention how impressed I am with the maturity, alertness and enthusiasm of the Snow leopard class. Their attitude is commendable.

    In English, we are continuing our work with Stone Age Boy. We have looked at fronted adverbials and spotted what a good setting description looks like. 

    In Maths, we have been playing around with numbers up to 1000. We've played with dienes, counters, number lines and grids. 

    For Art this week, we made blobs of primary colours and noticed what different colours came out when they mixed. 

    We had tennis for PE and we focused on the backhand. There were some super stars in the class, who were able to teach others, encourage and praise. 


    PE will be on Tuesdays and Thursdays

    Library book changes on Thursday

    Reading books change on a Wednesday and Friday. 

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  • Reading Books, PE and Homework

    Published 16/09/20, by Sam Wilcox


    • Wednesday and Friday book change day (reading books)
    • Books to come in daily (reading books)
    • Thursday - library book change. Library books can stay at home but must be brought in on Thursdays.


    • PE days will be Tuesdays and Thursdays 


    • Set on Wednesdays
    • Mathletics, Spellings Shed, TT Rockstars and Reading
    • We haven't given out the Spelling Shed passwords yet. 
    • TT Rockstars - Play lots of rounds of Garage Band, these are set timestables. When you are confident try the Studio and Sound Checks, although these check every timestable. 
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  • Welcome Back Year 3

    Published 11/09/20, by Sam Wilcox

    Round up of the week

    We have had a relaxed start to the week, as there have been many new things for the children to get used to. This has not deterred them and every day they have shown up with enthusiasm and big smiles. We have looked at how we learn and we did this by learning to juggle. It was tricky and we thought about the skills that we need in order to become excellent learners.

    We also started our Stone Age Topic, which involved building a fire (small sticks first), trying to start a fire, by rubbing a long smooth stick against a flat log with dry grass at the bottom and going on a scavenger hunt in order to find food.


    We have painted self-portraits and some have already been displayed around the school. We also learnt about the primary colours and how to wake up water colours.


    This week we started our new book, Stone Age Boy. We made predictions about what might happen in the story and read through the book.


    We have begun to look at place value to 100. We have written numbers, verbalised numbers, identified the values of digits and partitioned numbers.

    Maths – Website

    In case your child is struggling with a particular areas of maths then the websites below offer further practice in that area (the 2nd website also offers links to YouTube tutorials in the domain)

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