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Year 3

Welcome to the Snow Leopards with Mr Wilcox, Mrs Pritchard and Mrs Lansdowne

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  • Remember your swim kit tomorrow!

    Published 23/01/20, by Sam Wilcox

    Please remember your swim kit tomorrow. 

    Also, add labels to your clothing. It makes it easier to find the homes of socks and shorts after the lesson. 

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  • Year 3 Mini Homework

    Published 17/01/20, by Sam Wilcox

    For Monday, I would like Year 3 to think about travelling around the world. They cannot use planes or cars. I would like them to focus on the setting of 3 places that they might stop off at as they travel around the world. If they are places that you have been on holiday, that would be helpful. If they are places that they want to visit, that would be great too. If they bring photos, it would help with their writing. 

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  • Friday Swimming

    Published 15/01/20, by Sam Wilcox

    Please remember to pack your swimming things this Friday and every other Friday. 


    We would also like to request that only the adults accompanying the students be present at the pool.  These are closed sessions from the public. This is to restrict confusion for the students, teachers and pool staff and stop the likelihood of a student wandering off with the wrong adult. We understand that adults want to see their children swim, but we ask you to do this in your own time. 

    What To Pack

    Towel, trunks, googles (if required), wet bag (plastic/waterproof bag), leggings (for girls, instead of tights, easier to put on after swimming).

    Water Fears

    Some children will be scared when attending swimming lessons. This is perfectly normal. It is helpful to remind them that everyone will be swimming who attends these lessons. It is not about being confident, but rather having the correct floating position, which allows your body to float on the surface of the water. 

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  • Time Tables Rock Stars

    Published 18/12/19, by Sam Wilcox

    We have been playing around with Time Tables Rock Stars this week.

    The way it works: 

    • Firstly (if you haven't already) do the baseline test
    • Afterwards, you need to complete at least 1 Studio game and 1 Sound Check. This gives you a level to work on.
    • Then go and practice these table in the Garage section. If you are finding them tricky. Draw out your tables, using the array model, or bar model to help you see the tables clearly (see attachments below).
    • When you feel confident, go back to the Studio and Sound Check to see if you are improving. 


    It is not good to spend 15 hours a week doing this. Just do a little and often.  

    Mix up the games that you play. 

    Draw out the tables that you find tricky. It works!

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  • This Week

    Published 13/12/19, by Sam Wilcox

    This week:

    Science; we played with buzzers and used them to answer questions in our end of topic quiz. 

    In Maths we have started looking at 2D shapes and identifying the different properties. For example, what two shapes have 4 vertices, and 4 right angles?

    In English, wrote up our food poems. We tried to create poems with rhymes, rhythm and  repetition. 

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  • This Week

    Published 06/12/19, by Sam Wilcox

    This week we have been learning the highs and lows of using Microsoft Word. We researched our favourite food in order to inspire us to write food poems next week. The children have learnt; to copy and paste images from Google Kids, to edit the headers on a Word document, to centralise and enlarge an image, add a text box and save their work. We did hit some bumps along the road. but have learnt to be resilient when it comes to IT. Please try and play around with creating your own favourite food documents at home and practising these Word skills. 

    In Maths, we have been learning how to take a fraction of an amount. If we have a fraction 2/5 of 20, the children know to create 5 boxes and equally share 20 amongst them, then circle 2 of the boxes for 2/5. 

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  • Trip To Butser Farm

    Published 27/11/19, by Sam Wilcox

    A wet and dreary day didn't dampen our spirits. The Year 3s and 4s had a great day out, discovery about Roman and Iron Age houses and tools. The Year 3s experienced wool weaving, created chalk art, dug for artefacts and created a willow fence. 


    Photos to come shortly ....

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  • Year 3s Trip to Furzey Gardens

    Published 11/10/19, by Sam Wilcox

    What a great time we had! The insects that we discovered were mind blowing. We started our trip with a bug talk by a member of the Furzey Team and went exploring ourselves. We discovered amazing insets and arachnids hidden in the long grasses. The photo is of an garden orb web spider. We played in the adventure playground and explored the hidden areas that the gardens offered. 

    The children generated many ideas about what we could do with our school garden and we have an idea of plants that we could add. 

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  • Year 3 Trip To Furzy Gardens

    Published 02/10/19, by Sam Wilcox

    Next Thursday, we plan on visiting Furzy Gardens. The aim of the trip is to find out about insects, what Furzy do to attract them and think about what we can implement back at school. 

    Please bring the letters back as soon as possible. 

    We aim to back at normal time. If you want to help out, please let us know via the letter and we will be in contact with you. 


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  • This Week 20.09.19

    Published 20/09/19, by Sam Wilcox


    Homework has been set on Mathletics and Spelling Shed. When searching for these websites, type in Ed Shed for the spelling shed and Mathletics and click on the first link. Pupils already have these passwords in the back of their diaries, but if they do not, then they need to bring their diaries in to get them stuck in. 

    This Week

    This week we have been learning about place value, along a number line and different ways in which we can partition numbers. 

    In English, we have started writing out our own Stone Age stories, which include creative ways of travelling in time. 

    In Science, we carried out an insect, arachnid and molluscs count around the school. We aim to look at ways of improving the living environment of these creates over the year as part of our scientific study. 

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  • Welcome to Year 3

    Published 06/09/19, by Sam Wilcox

    Two days in and Year 3 are already becoming very settled. We are very blessed to have kind and thoughtful children in this class. We hope to continue and add to this throughout the year. 

    Important Information

    Diaries: We have diaries in Year 3. These are to record reading at home, and to take notes of important events. We ask that you check them weekly and get them signed for Wednesdays. It is best practice that they stay in the children's bags. 

    Labels: please label clothes, water bottles and anything else that could get lost in the labyrinth of school. 

    PE: Monday and Wednesday, however it is best to always have PE kits in school as we do have surprise PE lessons and activities. 

    Library: Every Friday the children will change their books (if they need to). 

    Bringing things into school: The rule for this is that, if you would be upset if you lost it, then do not bring it in. 

    Aims of Year 3

    We want children to enjoy learning and coming to school, so we will do our best to make lessons fun

    We want our Year 3 students to challenge themselves

    We want them to show respect to everybody

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  • Year 3

    Published 19/07/19, by Clare Morris

    Last Day!

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