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Year 3

Welcome to the Snow Leopards with Mr Wilcox, Mrs Pritchard and Mrs Lansdowne

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  • Friday Fun Day

    Published 03/04/20, by Sam Wilcox

    Year 3, I think we all need to say a big thank you to your adults, who are working really hard to make sure that you are learning to the best of your ability from home. If youhaven't already, go and say thank you to your adults. I've created today as a fun day and a catch up day. If you need time to catch up on tasks, then use today. If you have caught up, then have some fun with today's tasks. Post your times in Google Docs. 

    Spelling test: gently, simply, humbly, nobly, durably, terribly, incredibly, responsibly, wrinkly, possibly

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  • Week 2 Day 4

    Published 02/04/20, by Sam Wilcox

    Today's tasks and timetable

    I've included 2 types of of book review. Answer the questions that you know and attempt the ones that you don't. 

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  • Week 2 Day 3

    Published 01/04/20, by Sam Wilcox

    Have fun today Year 3, remember that there are extra tasks on our websites via Google Classroom. 

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  • Week 2 Day 2

    Published 31/03/20, by Sam Wilcox

    Today's fun and games. 

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  • Week 2 Day 1

    Published 29/03/20, by Sam Wilcox
    Today's learning tasks.    
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  • Day 5

    Published 27/03/20, by Sam Wilcox





    30 mins

    Joe Wicks Daily


    45 mins

    LO: Annotate my predictions about this story

    In this lesson you will be writing over (scribbling) the front cover of the book

    The Promise.

    Print off the worksheet. Or edit it in google slides and use

    text box to add text.


    Follow the prompts on the slides.


    15 mins

    Free read your own books


    15 mins

    Parents - test your children on their spellings

    Mental Maths

    10 mins

    1. 324 + 456 =
    2. Write quarter to nine in digits (numbers)
    3. What is 4:55 in written time?
    4. ⅕ of 30 (either use your 5 timestable or draw your circles
    5. 16 divided by 4



    45 Mins

    LO: To understand unit and non-unit fractions


    What do you already know about fractions - mind map for 2 minutes in your books.


    Today we’re looking at unit fractions. A unit fraction is a fraction with a

    numerator (the top number) of 1.

    ¼ 1/50, ⅙, 1/100 - these are all unit fractions.


    Now we know this, what is a non-unit fraction?


    If you are happy with what a unit fraction is then watch the video in lesson 1

    and start the task.


    If not, explore this website:



    TT Rock Stars

    15 Mins

    Everybody should be smashing their 4s by now.

    Project Time

    30 mins

    Finish your puppet shows of the 4 times tables

    If you have finished it try one of the tasks on our website.

    I've included Yoga links, magic tricks, the six times table song, and how to

    fold a shirt in 3-seconds.

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  • Day 4

    Published 26/03/20, by Sam Wilcox

    Today's Schedule

    9:00 Joe Wicks work out.
    Maths - Complete Mathletics tasks before starting the problem solving tasks in Mathletics (under the orange Explore tab)
    English - poetry
    Art - Trees

    Keep your project videos coming.

    I'll ask your parents to conduct a spelling test with you tomorrow, so revise on Spelling Shed.

    Check out the website:

    I've included Yoga links, magic tricks, the six times table song, and how to fold a shirt in 3-seconds.

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  • Day 3

    Published 25/03/20, by Sam Wilcox

    Today's Schedule
    9:00 Joe Wicks
    Maths - Mathletics tasks and, if you are up to it, TT Rock Stars
    English - Perseus has a bit of a problem! 15 minute write and a quiz. 
    Topic - Earthquakes. Arrgh!

    If you have time - try the project. I am loving the results so far. 

    Great perseverance from the people who finished the maths problem yesterday. 

    Well done to those students who have figured out Google Docs and sending me their work. 

    I loved the videos for the projects, keep them coming!

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  • Day 2

    Published 24/03/20, by Sam Wilcox

    Today's Schedule (also on Google Classroom) 
    Joe Wicks Work Out 9:00
    Maths - see slides for help, when you have finished TT Rock Stars, remember to do Sound Checks as well as Garages. 
    Literacy - Try to complete on Google Docs, If not use your books to complete the work. 
    Science - continued from yesterday

    Catch up with Beetle Boy, Chapter 11, Part 1 on Google Classroom. 

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  • Week 1 Day 1 23.03.20

    Published 23/03/20, by Sam Wilcox

    Please read over today's tasks if you haven't read them on Google Classroom already. I will update on here an Google Classroom. Google Classroom goes live at 8:00. 

    The following include: 1 hr of Spellings, Punctuation and Grammar, and Reading.

    Maths is on Mathletics see sheet below for instructions. If you finish the task, you may complete TT Rock Stars. 

    Spellings are on Spelling Shed.

    Science, there is a choice of 2 tasks read the sheet below. 

    Hope you are all well. 

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  • Remember your swim kit tomorrow!

    Published 23/01/20, by Sam Wilcox

    Please remember your swim kit tomorrow. 

    Also, add labels to your clothing. It makes it easier to find the homes of socks and shorts after the lesson. 

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  • Year 3 Mini Homework

    Published 17/01/20, by Sam Wilcox

    For Monday, I would like Year 3 to think about travelling around the world. They cannot use planes or cars. I would like them to focus on the setting of 3 places that they might stop off at as they travel around the world. If they are places that you have been on holiday, that would be helpful. If they are places that they want to visit, that would be great too. If they bring photos, it would help with their writing. 

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