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Year 3

Welcome to the Snow Leopards with Mr Wilcox, Miss Lever, Miss Jones and Mrs Cooper

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  • Year 3 Blog 15.10.21

    Published 15/10/21, by Sam Wilcox

    Art: This week we have been making sculptures. These are inspired by the sculpture Alberto Giacometti ( and our topic on the Stone Age. 

    English: this week we have been focussing on noun phrases and adverbials and use these to describe a setting. 

    Maths: We have been adding and subtracting crossing over the hundred barrier by exchanging. In times table we have started revising our 3s. Here is a catchy song to aid learning: 


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  • Year 3 Blog 1.10.21

    Published 01/10/21, by Sam Wilcox

    Art: over the past 2 weeks we have been creating our very own Stone Age art pictures. This is based on the Lascaux Stone Age art found in French cave. 

    History: We looked at why the Stone Age tribes were nomadic, and thought about what a tent in winter might have inside and outside to keep them safe. 

    Maths: In Maths we have started adding 3-digit numbers and ones and 3-digit numbers and hundreds. 

    English: we have finished our Stone Age stories and have learnt how to check our spellings using a dictionary. 

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  • Year 3 Blog

    Published 17/09/21, by Sam Wilcox


    Book Change: will now be on a Friday

    PE: Thursday and Fridays

    This Week:

    Firstly, this is a wonderful class, with caring, kind students, and they are  becoming a joy to teach. 

    In English, the children have been studying the book Stone Age Boy, and roll played, sketched and wrote about scenes from the book. 

    In Maths: we have started investigating missing numbers on number lines, and estimating when we do not have intervals.  


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  • Year 3 Homework

    Published 10/09/21, by Sam Wilcox

    Homework in Year 3

    There are 4 parts to our homework, and they are set on Tuesday and should be completed on Tuesday. We have practised logging in to these sites in class. 

    • Mathletics
    • Spelling Shed
    • TT Rockstars
    • Reading


    There will be 2 Mathletics tasks set per week . When you put in your Mathletics password, it is written in upper case but enter it in lowercase. 

    Spelling Shed

    Spelling Shed is linked to what we teach them in class. Children have a minimum of 3 games to complete each week. 

    TT Rockstars

    TT Rockstars focuses on the timetables that the children are working on in class, at the moment we are working on our 4s. 


    Try to read with your child for 15 minutes per day. 

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  • Year 3 Blog 8.9.21

    Published 08/09/21, by Sam Wilcox

    Welcome to the Year 3 blog. This is where we relate all the fun activities that the children have been learning and give reminders to up and  coming activities. 


    PE will be on Thursdays and Fridays

    Reading book changes will be on Mondays

    Library book changes will be on Fridays

    This Week

    We have started out topic on The Stone Age and children have learnt myths about some of the facts that were reported about them.

    We have started learning our 3 timetables  

    We have learnt some basic greetings in Spanish

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  • Sport Day Tuesday PM for Years 3+4

    Published 09/07/21, by Sam Wilcox

    We will be having our Sports Day with Year 4 on Tuesday afternoon. Pupils should come in with their normal school uniforms, but go home in their PE kits. Please try to bring house colours. We will do our best to capture the events and post pictures and videos afterwards. 

    Eco Fair tomorrow at St Saviours. 

    The class have been working hard to create milk carton monsters. These will be on display at the Eco Fair tomorrow from 12:00 to 4:00.

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  • Year 3 Blog 2/7/21

    Published 02/07/21, by Sam Wilcox

    This week, we have been completing our reading and writing tests. The class are in full preparation for Sports Day and excitement is high. We have started our new book, which is a nonfiction book about bees. In Maths, we have been learning about time and time differences. 


    Book change will take place on Monday for this week only and Friday as usual. 

    Library change is Thursday

    PE Tuesday and Thursday. 

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  • Year 3 Blog 14.5.21

    Published 14/05/21, by Sam Wilcox

    What we have been doing!

    We have had scooter day and skateboard day. These days are fun, but they are trying to encourage children to actively travel to school. In English, we have  been looking at the book 'Here We Are', by Oliver Jeffers. From this we decided to write letters to people we have not seen for a while, tell them about Lockdown and share a memory. 

    Things to remember:

    > Homework should be completed for Tuesday. Mathletics there are 3 tasks and try to complete 3 spelling tasks. 

    >PE Tuesdays and Thursdays. 

    > Book change is now Tuesday and Fridays.

    > Library changes are Thursdays 

    We are making kites in class, if you have any thin plastic that would be good for the sheets then please can you bring it in. No bigger than 60cm. 


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  • Year 3 Blog 19.3.21

    Published 19/03/21, by Sam Wilcox

    It's hard to image that the children have been absent for 8 weeks of this term, as they have settled back like summer flip flops on the beach. 

    Poetry! That's all we have been doing (in English). The children have been engaged, they have performed, written and performed again. On our Google Classroom page you can see the first set of poems that I have managed to film. If you want to leave supportive comments then please do. 

    In Maths, we have started looking at place value again. Just to refresh our memories.

    Art - we focussed on Rembrandt and his obsession with noses. We created a scribbled pencil page then sketched portraits of our classmates using only erasers. 


    Mathletics - there are 2 new tasks due for Tuesday

    Spelling Shed - Due Tuesday

    TT Rockstars - we are focussing on the 6 timetables. 


    PE - Tuesday and Thursday

    Library change - Thursday

    Reading books changed Wednesday and Friday

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  • Year 3 Blog 4.12.20

    Published 04/12/20, by Sam Wilcox


    Changing books Wednesday and Friday

    Library Change is Thursday

    PE: Tuesday and Thursday. 

    This Week:

    English, we have finally started our instructions, this has been made trickier by completing them on Google Docs. However the end result will look professional. 

    Maths: we have counted in tenths, and identified right angles until our brains hurt. 

    We've finally had to say goodbye to our Rubbish Tree, if you want to see it, it is on display at the CO OP. 

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  • Year 3 Blog 20.11.20

    Published 20/11/20, by Sam Wilcox

    This week

    A busy week in English, we have learnt: what an imperative verb is and how to use it! When we should use exclamation marks, we have looked at some of the problems with plastic pollution in our reading and finally, we have planned letters to write to Julian Lewis to ask him to petition Boris Johnson to ban single use plastics. 

    In Mathematics, we have taken small steps into understanding how fractions are created. We firstly looked at Europe as our whole and countries within Europe as our parts of our whole. We have moved onto understanding how to write fractions and what a unit fraction is. 

    In geography, we looked at wind turbines and solar farms and asked why they are becoming more popular. 

    In PE we rolled around on mats a lot. This was part of our movements in gymnastics topic. Outdoor PE, we looked at sidestepping and pivoting, which we then used to play a game of piggy-in-the-middle. 


    The photo above is from last. 

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  • Year 3 Blog

    Published 13/11/20, by Sam Wilcox

    A lovely week!

    This has been an active week in Year 3, but the children have taken to it with enthusiasm. We were lucky enough to be given a book each for free from Karen who owns the COOP. The book inspired us to create a tree from plastic waste (see results below). 

    In Maths, we have investigated the relationship between mm, cm and m. We have measured everything, from our noses to the ends of pencils. We have converted the units and found halves and quarters of them. 

    In English we started a new documentary unit, call The Majestic Plastic Bag. It showed a mockumentary of how a plastic bag ends up in the Pacific Ocean from a supermarket. 

    In art we had a model pose for us whilst we undertook drawing challenges, where we were not allowed to take our pencil off the paper until we had finished our picture. After, we were only allowed to use straight lines to draw the model. 

    Book changes: Wednesday and Friday


    Indoors = Tuesday

    Outdoors = Thursday

    Library = Thursday. 

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