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Brockenhurst C of E Primary School

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Year 3

Welcome to the Snow Leopards with Mr Wilcox, Mrs Lever, Mrs Dunne, Mrs Cowell, Mrs Jones and Mrs Young

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  • 18/09/20

    Published 18/09/20, by Sam Wilcox

    Firstly I would like to mention how impressed I am with the maturity, alertness and enthusiasm of the Snow leopard class. Their attitude is commendable.

    In English, we are continuing our work with Stone Age Boy. We have looked at fronted adverbials and spotted what a good setting description looks like. 

    In Maths, we have been playing around with numbers up to 1000. We've played with dienes, counters, number lines and grids. 

    For Art this week, we made blobs of primary colours and noticed what different colours came out when they mixed. 

    We had tennis for PE and we focused on the backhand. There were some super stars in the class, who were able to teach others, encourage and praise. 


    PE will be on Tuesdays and Thursdays

    Library book changes on Thursday

    Reading books change on a Wednesday and Friday. 

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  • Reading Books, PE and Homework

    Published 16/09/20, by Sam Wilcox


    • Wednesday and Friday book change day (reading books)
    • Books to come in daily (reading books)
    • Thursday - library book change. Library books can stay at home but must be brought in on Thursdays.


    • PE days will be Tuesdays and Thursdays 


    • Set on Wednesdays
    • Mathletics, Spellings Shed, TT Rockstars and Reading
    • We haven't given out the Spelling Shed passwords yet. 
    • TT Rockstars - Play lots of rounds of Garage Band, these are set timestables. When you are confident try the Studio and Sound Checks, although these check every timestable. 
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  • Welcome Back Year 3

    Published 11/09/20, by Sam Wilcox

    Round up of the week

    We have had a relaxed start to the week, as there have been many new things for the children to get used to. This has not deterred them and every day they have shown up with enthusiasm and big smiles. We have looked at how we learn and we did this by learning to juggle. It was tricky and we thought about the skills that we need in order to become excellent learners.

    We also started our Stone Age Topic, which involved building a fire (small sticks first), trying to start a fire, by rubbing a long smooth stick against a flat log with dry grass at the bottom and going on a scavenger hunt in order to find food.


    We have painted self-portraits and some have already been displayed around the school. We also learnt about the primary colours and how to wake up water colours.


    This week we started our new book, Stone Age Boy. We made predictions about what might happen in the story and read through the book.


    We have begun to look at place value to 100. We have written numbers, verbalised numbers, identified the values of digits and partitioned numbers.

    Maths – Website

    In case your child is struggling with a particular areas of maths then the websites below offer further practice in that area (the 2nd website also offers links to YouTube tutorials in the domain)

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  • Y3 Science Monday 14.9

    Published 09/09/20, by Emma Lever

    Good morning everyone,

    This term in science, we will be studying what plants need to keep them strong and healthy.  Although the children will already have ideas and some good knowledge about this, we are developing their scientific enquiry skills by encouraging them to test their theories and recording data.

    On Monday, we will begin by setting up some investigations with some bean seedlings.  It would be very helpful if you are able to provide your child with a bean seedling, if at all possible, as we will need quite a few to get the most from the investigation.  The easiest seedlings are bean seedlings with reasonably robust leaves and stem that can withstand interrogation from a Y3 child!

    Please let me know if there are any plant allergies I should be aware of at, .

    Many thanks,

    Miss Lever


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  • 20/07/20

    Published 20/07/20, by Sam Wilcox

    Timetable for today

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  • 17/07/20

    Published 16/07/20, by Sam Wilcox


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  • 16/07/20

    Published 15/07/20, by Sam Wilcox


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  • 15/07/20

    Published 15/07/20, by Sam Wilcox


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  • 14/07/20

    Published 13/07/20, by Sam Wilcox


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  • 13/07/20

    Published 12/07/20, by Sam Wilcox


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  • 10/07/20

    Published 09/07/20, by Sam Wilcox


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  • Garden Olympics Day 5

    Published 09/07/20, by Sam Wilcox

    Garden Olympics) - Day 5

    The Bottle Flip

    How many can you do in one minute? Try to beat your record and if you are really confident send a video to the class page. 

    Bottle Flip Trick Shot

    What is the most incredible way you can flip a bottle?

    Water Challenge

    The aim is to fill one bucket of water with cups of water that you have carried from your head. You will need 2 buckets, 1 filled with water the other, about to be. Carry cups of water balanced on your head into the empty bucket. Make it harder by having a member of your household trying to shoot it off with water pistols or cups of water. See how much water you can fill in 5 minutes then swap with your sibling/parent.

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