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Brockenhurst C of E Primary School

We Enjoy and Excel in the Presence of God

Day 3

Today's Schedule
9:00 Joe Wicks
Maths - Mathletics tasks and, if you are up to it, TT Rock Stars
English - Perseus has a bit of a problem! 15 minute write and a quiz. 
Topic - Earthquakes. Arrgh!

If you have time - try the project. I am loving the results so far. 

Great perseverance from the people who finished the maths problem yesterday. 

Well done to those students who have figured out Google Docs and sending me their work. 

I loved the videos for the projects, keep them coming!

English: For the writing task, this is a 15 minute write. I expect a minimum of 10 sentences. The video clip is good but long, it is better to read over the transcript on the next page. I've created a quiz on Google Classroom instead of doing the reading questions. Fingers crossed it works. 

Mathletics tasks - I've given some of you a problem solving task, you must remember to answer the questions on Mathletics and click check answer. For those of you doing the problem solving activity, i've created a powerpoint to help. If you are up to it, TT Rock Stars after.

Topic - Earthquakes. We've looked at volcanoes, now it is time for earthquakes. Here is a video explaining more about earthquakes:       Explore active seismic activity here:                            Task: Complete task 1 of the PDF in your books