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Brockenhurst C of E Primary School
& Pre-School

We Enjoy and Excel in the Presence of God

Day 5





30 mins

Joe Wicks Daily


45 mins

LO: Annotate my predictions about this story

In this lesson you will be writing over (scribbling) the front cover of the book

The Promise.

Print off the worksheet. Or edit it in google slides and use

text box to add text.


Follow the prompts on the slides.


15 mins

Free read your own books


15 mins

Parents - test your children on their spellings

Mental Maths

10 mins

  1. 324 + 456 =
  2. Write quarter to nine in digits (numbers)
  3. What is 4:55 in written time?
  4. ⅕ of 30 (either use your 5 timestable or draw your circles
  5. 16 divided by 4



45 Mins

LO: To understand unit and non-unit fractions


What do you already know about fractions - mind map for 2 minutes in your books.


Today we’re looking at unit fractions. A unit fraction is a fraction with a

numerator (the top number) of 1.

¼ 1/50, ⅙, 1/100 - these are all unit fractions.


Now we know this, what is a non-unit fraction?


If you are happy with what a unit fraction is then watch the video in lesson 1

and start the task.


If not, explore this website:



TT Rock Stars

15 Mins

Everybody should be smashing their 4s by now.

Project Time

30 mins

Finish your puppet shows of the 4 times tables

If you have finished it try one of the tasks on our website.

I've included Yoga links, magic tricks, the six times table song, and how to

fold a shirt in 3-seconds.

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