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The Garden Olympics Day 1

Garden Olympics) - Day 1

If you wish to send a video of your opening ceremony and footage of event 1 day 1, then please post it on your Google Classroom page. 

To Bank or Not to Bank

You need a throwing line and three buckets or circles or towels to aim at.

 The first bucket should be four steps from the throwing line and is worth 1 point, the 2nd bucket should be 7 steps from the throwing line and is worth 5 points, the last bucket is ten steps from the throwing line and is worth 10 points. 

When you get points, you can bank them. 

If you miss you lose all the points that you have not banked. 

To bank, you need to run around the ten-point marker, head back to the throwing line, then you need to place your body flat on the ground (belly down) and then stand up and jump x10. 

After you have banked that money you can continue playing. 

You have a 5-minute time limit. 

Keep a score of how much you have in the bank and post your score on Google Classroom (optional).

You must bank before the end of the 5-minutes. 

Top Tips

Practice first and see which target you feel most confident aiming for. How many times can you consistently hit it? How often should you bank?