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Year 3 Blog

A lovely week!

This has been an active week in Year 3, but the children have taken to it with enthusiasm. We were lucky enough to be given a book each for free from Karen who owns the COOP. The book inspired us to create a tree from plastic waste (see results below). 

In Maths, we have investigated the relationship between mm, cm and m. We have measured everything, from our noses to the ends of pencils. We have converted the units and found halves and quarters of them. 

In English we started a new documentary unit, call The Majestic Plastic Bag. It showed a mockumentary of how a plastic bag ends up in the Pacific Ocean from a supermarket. 

In art we had a model pose for us whilst we undertook drawing challenges, where we were not allowed to take our pencil off the paper until we had finished our picture. After, we were only allowed to use straight lines to draw the model. 

Book changes: Wednesday and Friday


Indoors = Tuesday

Outdoors = Thursday

Library = Thursday.