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Year 3

Friday Blog - Friday 12th January

Good afternoon everyone,

Although, as always, we've had a very busy week,  but I'm just going to talk about swimming.

There were a lot of quite nervous children in Year 3 this morning, we all needed a lot of hugs! We talked about how normal it was to feel nervous before something new and how we will all, hopefully, feel less nervous next week.

I am so proud of all the children. They were all determined to conquer their fears and they all got in the water and had a go! Well done everyone!  The children don't get to swim much during the first week as they all need to be assessed and grouped, but will get lots more swimming in next week. They were super at getting changed quickly too.

Can I say a big thank you to my parent helpers, particularly to Martin who was in the water to support the children! We couldn't go swimming without your help.

Have a lovely weekend,