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Year 4 Home Learning

Daily update - 28/4/20


Please find attached the timetable and resources for Tuesday 28th April. For those of you that enjoy doing the daily mile, here is a link with some suggested activities if you would like to get involved.



Time allocated


Times Tables

15 minutes


Mental Maths

15 minutes

  • Please see attached the mental maths questions.

Main Maths Lesson

30 minutes

  • LO I understand hundredths.
  • For Maths this week, we will be using the White Rose resources which can be found at this website:

  • We will be starting with Week 2: Lesson 2: Hundredths (Not the summer term resources – yet!)
  • There is a video, worksheet and answers to go with each lesson. The video will teach the children the skills they require to answer the questions. They should answer the questions in their home learning books.
  • I will also attach the questions and answers to the blog as well.


15 minutes

  • Quiet reading your own book.


15 minutes

  • Practise your spellings on Spelling Shed.


30 minutes

  • LO I can write true or false statements based on information in a text.
  • Today, you need to re-read the text that you read yesterday.
  • You then need to write at least 5 true or false statements about the text.
  • Can you test someone at home with these?
  • For example:

Harry Houdini was born on 25th March 1784. True or false?


1 hour

  • LO I can create my own Egyptian Pyramid.
  • Last week you designed your own Egyptian Pyramid after watching some videos about their history.
  • Today, using the resources that you planned to use last week, please make your Egyptian Pyramid.
  • I would love to see some pictures!