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Brockenhurst C of E Primary School
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Year 4 Home Learning

Daily Update - 1/5/20


Please see the attached resources for Friday 1st May. Both the Maths and English activities are to be done online today so that I can keep a record of how the children are getting on. If you have any difficulties completing these, please let me know. 


Miss Martin


Time allocated


Times Tables

15 minutes


Mental Maths

15 minutes

  • Please see attached the mental maths questions.

Main Maths Lesson

30 minutes

  • LO I can complete problem solving questions about multiplying and dividing.
  • Today, I have set you a problem solving task to complete on Mathletics.
  • It should pop up as soon as you log into Mathletics on the normal section where your homework is normally set each week when we are at school.
  • Good luck!


15 minutes

  • Quiet reading your own book.


15 minutes

  • Practise your spellings on Spelling Shed.


30 minutes

  • LO I can write a short biography about a famous magician.
  • Using the research that you carried out yesterday, today you are going to write a short biography about a famous magician.
  • A biography is an account of someone’s life written by someone else. Your writing should detail key parts of your magician’s life.
  • Please type this piece (you do not need to write as well) and hand it in on the assignment on Google Classroom.
  • It would be great if you could include some pictures and make the biography look appealing to read as well!


1 hour

  • LO I can write out a recipe for cooking Ancient Egyptian food.
  • Using the research that you carried out last week on Ancient Egyptian food, please find and write out a simple recipe for one item of food.
  • You might choose bread, a stew or sweet cakes, or another item of food that they ate in Ancient Egypt.
  • You need to find and copy out a simple recipe in your Home Learning book.
  • Please speak to your adults and ask if you could get the ingredients in preparation for next Friday’s DT lesson, when I would like you to have a go at cooking these.
  • I also attach a powerpoint with a lesson detailing the steps of making Egyptian bread. If you cannot find any simple recipes of your own, please follow the instructions on this.