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Year 4

Year 4 - 03.02.2023

We have had a great week in year 4. Highlights have been Oberfield enjoying their house reward and biscuit decorating during Golden time! Another highlight this week was science. We have been learning about digestion and this week focused on the different teeth we have any their functions. We started by using mirrors to look into our mouth and then eating different fruits to see which teeth we used and how they helped us. We discovered that we needed to use all teeth for chewing a piece of apple but mainly our molars for the raisin!  

In English, we have been continuing with our class text ‘We Travel So Far’. We have explored the use of possessive apostrophes, which also linked to our spellings this week, and fronted adverbials. We identified fronted adverbials within our class text, filled in the missing fronted adverbials and wrote our own sentences that included them.

In maths, we started by identifying and comparing acute, obtuse and right angles. The children did an excellent job of not only identifying the different angles but also explaining how they knew they had chosen the correct one. We have then ended the week by revisiting time and telling the time to the nearest 5 minutes. It would be great if the children could continue practising this skill at home using an analogue clock to help build confidence and fluency. This online clock is a great resource to use at home:

We hope you all have a great weekend.